One size doesn’t cut it…

Brandy Melville’s “One Size Fits All” is a Body Shaming Sham


A One-size-fits all outfit advertised on shows fashion that does not fit all body types.

Cinderella’s glass slipper only fit her for one reason and that’s because one size does NOT fit all…

Brandy Melville is a teen clothing brand that claims to be one size fits all but that’s not necessarily the case.

Usually when something is one size fits all it is stretchy or truly meant to be able to fit everyone even if it may fit in different ways. But Brandy is only trying to promote their clothing to one body type, which i dont think is fair to girls at all.

 In this generation, body shaming isn’t acceptable and that’s what some girls feel when they can,t fit into something from this brand. There is lots of controversy about this brand because the people that can’t fit into it do not support what the brand is doing, but on the other side, people who wear these clothes often love the brand and it’s basically there whole closet. Seeing the girls modeling these clothes on the website

 ( ), and on instagram is challenging for some people to see and has caused young girls to become insecure and not feel confident.

 “I like the clothes there but sometimes I feel insecure wearing them” said a Triton student  

 Although there are a lot of problems having to do with this brand I love it and it is one of my favorite brand of clothing and i shop there all the time. I have traveled to many store locations over the U.S from here in Boston to Pacific Beach in California. And it’s all the same clothing line no matter where you are.

 For the people that can shop there it’s a cheaper alternative to some of the more expensive stores and its trendy and cute. But the one size fits all is a big issue.

 Brandy is a great brand for a selective body type but the size issue doesn’t seem great for business because since its so popular right now they could be making so much more money if all body types could shop there. “I truly believe that this clothing brand would blow up and be more popular that it already is if they made it for all body types because all the clothes are so trendy right now.” said a Triton student.

But it is an issue for a lot of people and other brands since they are one of the only brands now that dont have size options for all body types and it should be fixed.

If Brandy Melville made changes in the way the create and design their cloths to make them compatable for everyone I think they wouls be alot more money and gets more coustomers and spread more positivity as a whole.