How has the polarization of modern day politics affected triton?

Triton’s political leaning?

How has the polarization of modern day politics affected triton?

“I think the biggest perpetrator to the polarization of politics is the media” – Mr. Galante  

The Polarization of American politics has been growing and its effect on America and its institutions has been clear. As people divide into their party, institutions have started to choose their side in the political war. 

“I think polarization is incredibly dangerous because it leads to blind loyalty”

-Mr.Coyle, political science teacher

Whether it be a company donating large amounts of money to a party/politician of their choice, to social media censoring people they don’t agree with, it’s clear that division is becoming a problem. Even schools/Universities chose a political side and stay with it heavily. Triton could possibly have a political bias as well. Politics and school are something that doesn’t mix, legally and rationally. Teachers at triton are instructed not to provide political opinions during class time, but does that really stop them? Some classes at triton do indeed teach courses that to some may be perceived as teaching political philosophies. Many of the teachers here at triton acknowledge the progressive political bias. 

“ I’m not too sure if triton is biased, but

I’ve been made aware of some situations that showed that they appear to lean left.” – Mrs. Thompson, a teacher in the math wing.

“We are instructed to teach tolerance for bias”-Richard Chad 


Posters and flags with quotes and symbols depicting progressive philosophies are dotted everywhere around the school, but there is little to no posters resembling anything to do with more right-leaning liberalism.  

Most of the teachers at triton have progressive posters and stickers on their door stating such things as “LGBTQ safe space” and similar messages. 

Now in saying that does this mean that this is a bad thing? Students who are affiliated with that community will more than likely feel more comfortable upon entering a room brandishing one of these pieces of propaganda. 

Keep in mind the definition of propaganda is information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. In this case, the “propaganda” is used in a progressively biased way however not a misleading way. Now that “bias” is being used to what most would view as a moral right, trying to make a minority population feel accepted. The triton voice-only wishes to point out how triton does have a progressive way of educating, as well as many other Massachusetts schools.