Slice Slice Baby

We ordered from five different pizza places and had each delivered to the main office. It was epic.


Olivia Kneeland

Juniors James Tatro and Kyla Prussman take bites of five different pizzas.

Dominos has taken the crown and was voted best pizza place in the area  by Triton students and staff.

We got all the well known pizza places around the Triton area delivered to the school. Pizza is a very debatable topic and everyone seems to have a different opinion of their favorite type of pizza. We will be reviewing the top five pizza places voted by Triton students. 

We ordered one cheese pizza from each of the five well known pizza places in the area, and had each one delivered to the school (we told our teacher 5 minutes beforehand:). We had Triton students vote on the… 

  • Taste 
  • Look 
  • Cheese 
  • Sauce 
  • Grease
  •  Crust

The different places we ordered from were…

  • Philips 
  • Pizza factory
  • Pomodori’s
  • Dominos
  • Nick’s


Philips was by far the most unfavorable pizza according to Triton students. Kids were taking one slice of pizza at a time to taste each one, but when they got to Philips they said they would ever go they’re again. It looked burnt and crispy the minute you opened the box. As many said that the taste was disappointing and they’re was way too much sauce. Cheese stayed on the pizza well and  while eating the perfectly shaped cheese, sauce shot into your mouth. Just too much sauce. In my opinion the pizza looked really good but there was just too much sauce on the pizza. 

Liv : This pizza wasn’t my favorite i didn’t like the way it was presented and the taste was a bit too bitter for me.

James: I personally do not like a lot of sauce and I felt as if they drenched the pizza in sauce. The cheese was burnt and not very tasty. 


Pizza Factory was voted to be one of the best pizzas by Triton students and staff. The taste of the pizza was evaluated by the majority of the class, it was delivered very warm and the presentation was Fair. The amount of cheese was good but there was a lot of grease on this pizza. But the amount of grease wasn’t too overpowering. There didn’t seem to be a lot of sauce on this pizza which was voted fair by the students. The crust was nice and crispy and this pizza overall was voted very good by the majority. The price of this pizza was $10.99 which is pretty good for a large cheese pizza.

Liv : My opinion on this pizza was that it was one of the best i love the cheese and crust and it was my second favorite while i was voting.

James : A lot of cheese was put on the pizza and their wasn’t enough sauce to match the load of cheese on it so I found this pizza very chewy.


Pomodori’s has always been one of the best tasting pizzas in the Newburyport area. Now they’re is a new Pomodori’s in Newburyport. So the pizza was delivered on time and the delivery man was respectful. The pizza looked like it was cooked to perfection. The taste was amazing and mouth-watering. From the first bite to the last it was so tasty. The crust was cooked to the perfect crunch, the cheese was easy to bite through and it wasn’t very stringy, and there wasn’t too much sauce at all. The only problem with the pizza it was the amount of grease. The 

entire pizza was covered in grease and every time you picked it up it was worth it to dab the grease off. In my opinion Pomodori pizza was one of the top pizza ́s I had. 

Liv: I didn’t really like this pizza the presentation was good and it wasn’t too greasy but the taste just seemed off and the crust was thinner compared to the other pizzas.

James: I found Pomodori’s one of the best pizzas because a lot of grease tastes good even tjhough it’s noit healthy it really brings out the cheesy taste in this pizza. 


Dominos was voted by far the best pizza by Triton students and staff. The taste of the pizza was voted Excellent and good by the majority of the class it was delivered nice and warm and the presentation was great. The boxes domino’s uses also makes their overall presentation better and make their pizza stand out. The amount of cheese was very good and and grease wasn’t overwhelming. The crust was definitely the best crust out of all the pizzas it was crisp and most loved it. The price for a large cheese pizza was $14.99 which is on the higher side but everyone seemed to like it.

Liv: This was my favorite pizza based on all of my votes the crust tastes the best and it was the warmest and the presentation was the best.

James: I eat a lot of Domino’s pizza and the pizza that I had was the best one I had ever had before. 


Nick’s was poorly made and looked like a glob of cheese. The minute the box was open no one seemed to like it. The pizza was covered in grease, there was not enough sauce and the crust was very chewy. They would take a bite into the pizza but it was extremely dry so many needed water. Normally Nick’s pizza is one of my favorite pizza ́s but that pizza was very poorly made.

Liv :This was one of my least favorites it just tasted bas in my opinion and it didn’t look appetizing. 

James: I really like Nick’s pizza but this one was very dry and didn’t have a lot of taste to it.