Kars for Kids

You don't need to call a 1-800 number to find a reliable teen car, just read this review.



Teens looking for a cheap reliable car can get a used one for less than $6,000.

When looking for cars there are a couple of topics that should be taken into consideration, such as condition, mileage, inspection report, accident report, and background on the car model.

Your first car is always special, and there’s a lot of different kinds of cars out there. A new teen driver usually needs an affordable car that will keep them safe and get them from point A to point B, sometimes with style, without breaking down in between.

When looking for cars there are some specific pieces of information that are ideal for the top safety in a vehicle. The first thing to look at if its a used car is whether it is a certified pre-owned vehicle. All this means is that a professional has inspected the car and passed it, saying that it is in good working condition and can be sold with no reliability on the sellers shoulders. 

Recommended cars for teens are sedans, for gas mileage; small SUVs, for for more seats and space; trucks, for more safety in dangerous weather or environments such as a snowstorm or a rocky mountain.

An example of a good car for a teen is the Toyota Camry, any model from 1998-2010, that goes for an average amount of $5,500, that will fluctuate with the upgrade package and year. And with the proper care the car can last well over 200,000 miles. There was a survey taken by Toyota, 36,000 car owners responded and the results came back with the Camry having the least amount of problems per 100 cars. 

The Camry packs a lot of comfort into a compact car. The Camry is pretty roomy for how small it looks, it’s very comfortable and quiet, plenty of safety and luxury features, the Toyota Camry has a strong reputation for reliability and has a five star safety rating.

When researching good cars for teens or good cars to buy, in this case, the Camry, the things that we looked for were how safe is it, can it run for a long time, is it expensive to repair, and is it comfortable. Doing this when looking for cars will save you a ton of money.

If you are not interested in the Camry, there are plenty of similar cars from other makes, such as the Nissan Altima, Honda Civic, Chevrolet Impala, Ford Focus. All of which are reliable sedans with good fuel economy. Sedans are the most common cars out there, and are usually the most well rounded cars too.

If you follow these easy steps you can find a good, reliable and comfortable car:

  1. Set a budget and what type of car you would like.
  2. What really matters style or comfort.
  3. Search what your looking for in a car.
  4. Find a couple names of cars.
  5. Research and compare the key features of each one.
  6. Narrow down what is really important .
  7. Purchase and take care of the car so it can last a long time.