Henrik Ernst, Sports Editor

Hello fellow people of triton, today marks the first day of Animal Fact of the Week. This is an exclusive series of occasional articles about interesting facts about animals. Let’s Get right into it. Did you know there has been a history of baboons kidnapping dogs and keeping them for pets? Well, footage circulating from Ta’if, Saudi Arabia shows how baboons kidnap wild puppies, and gradually domesticate them. Other cases regarding baboons kidnapping puppies have shown that the dogs eventually become mutual with the baboons and vice versa, and actually end up living together in harmony.


Everyone knows how big blue whales are, especially if you’re a fan of “Finding Nemo”. But not many people understand the sheer size of the whale. For example, the tongue itself of the whale can weigh as much as an adult elephant or even more, which is incredibly large. Now the blue whale itself can weigh 150 tons  which is remarkable in relation to the human which on average is 170 pounds.


Another incredible animal fact is in Moscow, Russia,  people have studied the patterns of stray dogs and it turns out, some stray dogs have observed stoplights which lead them to know when to cross streets and not get hit by cars. Also, they have been observed to learn subway routes and get around in the city actually going onto the subways and riding with passengers. Not all stray dogs are allowed on the train unless they behave properly and do not bark excessively.