Triton Students’ Pathway to College


Sara Winnick

Triton Sophomore Ashton Todisco checking his Naviance account to help him prepare for college


Preparing for college is no easy task. Just ask some students at Triton.

Preparing for college is no easy task. Just ask some students at Triton.”

— Sara Winnick

“I’ve done some research and am in the process of applying, and I’m a little bit stressed,” said senior Mayson Rodrigues. 


Preparing for college is one of the common things some high schoolers experience. Whether it’s touring, researching or applying to colleges the process can be somewhat of a challenge to most teens. 


Most teenagers don’t know what they want to do for a career when they grow up, so choosing which college to go to can be a bit stressful. It can also be hard to find the time to look at colleges due to many teens’ busy schedules, and what makes it even harder are the college application deadlines. For most colleges, if you want to attend the school the following fall, you have to get that application in by January 1st , which can be stressful.


In the article How to work through your college application anxiety by the website Hillside, talks about how college applications can be stressful and some helpful tips on how to cope through that stress. 


There are many reasons college creates anxiety. The article states first, your teen likely has plenty they need to do by certain deadlines, such as acquiring letters of recommendation and constructing creative essays — all while maintaining their responsibilities in high school.” 



But not all students are stressed out, it’s mostly juniors and seniors who get really stressed because there running out of time to prepare for college.


“I haven’t done any research but I’ll probably do some soon, I mean I am a sophomore,” said Keegan Heath.


Dr. Erik Champy, a guidance counselor at Triton High School, said a majority of students at Triton go to college.


“We have the majority of students at Triton Regional go to a 4 year college and the second largest group of students go to a two year community college program,” said Champy. 


One way to explore college is guidance seminar.


Triton High School makes students go to guidance seminar which is a class where they help one figure out what careers and colleges they want to go to. Students then make a Naviance account, which is a website to help a student prepare for college and careers and  guides them through the application process. Champy is one of the many who teach guidance seminar and help students who want to go to college.


“That being said, throughout guidance seminar from freshman year on, we are always letting students know that this is a possibility if that’s the route they choose. We are more than encouraging to talk about the resources and the opportunities available to students,” said Champy.


Students who on top of there college search process should consider doing the following: 

  • Attend guidance seminar 
  • Research potential colleges
  • Take the SAT’s 
  • Have a discussion with a guidance counselor

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