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How To Help those affected by the Hurricanes

Savannah Nolan, Staff Writer

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Head of the Community Service Club, Ms. Jennifer Scott explains how Triton students can help the victims of this year’s hurricanes.

How Triton has helped so far:

Already, the community service club has collected $250 in donations, when students set up a station at Open House Parent Night.

Where does the money go to?

The money collected goes to the Salvation Army and then is distributed amongst Salvation Army’s in those locally affected areas.

What Can I donate?

Ca$h can be donated!!!! “The Salvation Army I contacted, told me that they prefer cash over donations because it costs money to ship goods and takes time to ship them,” said Scott, “whereas money can be directly used  to purchase the exact goods and services needed.”

How can I donate?

The Community Service Club has contacted Starbucks to see if students would be allowed to stand outside to collect donations, bell-ringing, and they are currently figuring times and dates at the moment. Students will be notified of the times and dates, and will be able to stop by their local starbucks to donate to the cause!

The importance of your help:

“It’s still a work in progress, but  the need is still there,” said Scott. “Even though it’s not  directly our local community, it’s our nation and it’s important to me and my students that we reach out to those in need.  The more they can get the better. This money will help those affected get back on their feet as citizens of the country and world.”

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How To Help those affected by the Hurricanes