Should President Trump be Impeached?

A student’s view on the recent launch of the Trump impeachment inquiry

Should President Trump be Impeached?

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Triton senior Jack O’Keefe is on the fence about whether or not President Donald Trump should be impeached. 


“Yes, because he is exploiting our foreign policies for our own benefit, and I believe it could be impeachable.” is what O’Keefe stated when asked by a Triton reporter about the current impeachment inquiry of President Trump. O’Keefe believes that he will be impeached in the House of Representatives, but he will not be removed from office. 


O’Keefe sees both perspectives of the Ukrainian scandal that sparked the inquiry. He is still standing with President Trump in the process. “It’s the only mess up he has had while in office.” O’Keefe said that the Republicans will continue to support President Trump in the end. 


When asked about how President Trump trying to receive information on the Bidens affects us as a country, O’Keefe said, “it looks bad, it looks really bad.” He said the scandal could alter the way the United States is seen from the eyes of other foreign powers. 


O’Keefe also added that he does not exactly consider President Trump untrustworthy during this situation. 


“It’s politics dog,” said O’Keefe, “what politician has not been a little corrupt?”  


According to Trump claims impeachment making him ‘stronger,’ rails against whistleblower by Brooke Singman from Fox News, “the all-consuming political storm is actually making him “stronger.” Claiming that President Trump has not been hurt by the inquiry or the whistleblower who triggered the probe. As of now, the article claims there is no specific impeachable offense the president has committed, but there are still aspects of the situation that the public has not been made aware of yet. 


Along with claims that President Trump is not concerned amid the impeachment inquiry, the transcript of the phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky has been released publicly. 

On another account of Do Americans Support Impeaching Trump? on, “Democrats are strongly in favor of impeachment, Republicans are strongly opposed and independents hover somewhere in between.” The chart shows that following the news regarding the Ukraine scandal, on November 7th, 2019, 48% percent of Americans support impeachment while 44.4% do not support it. This has been the only time since President Trump’s inauguration the impeachment poll has gone the other way, with more Americans ultimately supporting impeachment for the scandal.