The Accreditation Committee Returns To Triton

The New England association of schools and colleges is returning to Triton this week for the first time in in 14 years.

A map showing the distribution of NEASC accredited around the globe

A map showing the distribution of NEASC accredited around the globe

Liam Murray, Writer

Next week on Wednesday and Thursday the NEASC is coming to Triton to perform an accreditation on our school. NEASC which stands for the New England Association of schools and colleges is the organization that validates accreditation in schools in New England. An approved accreditation assures that student’s education needs are being met.

The Accreditation we receive that day will represent the status of our school for years to come and will showcase to colleges what level of education you’ve received at Triton. The accreditors visiting and evaluating our school on Wednesday and Thursday will be in our classrooms observing triton staff at work and triton students. 

Tritons Mr.Coyle who teaches political science and history here at Triton used to be on the accreditation committee. Coyle helped organize the last accreditation here at Triton which was in the spring of 2005. Usually, accreditation is a 10-year cycle in which the NEASC comes back to renew accreditation status. The organization has undergone a lot of change however since the last time they visited which has caused a delay in the process. “Re-evaluation is periodically conducted, typically every five to 10 years, and once again requires self-study and on-site evaluation. In addition, agencies may monitor institutions by having them submit periodic reports and data regarding key performance indicators, like finances, student achievement, overall growth, and more” (Top online colleges, 2019) Triton has been out of the loop for 14 years now so we are technically overdue for an accreditation.

For many students, the value of being an accredited school may be subtle or not obvious but it certainly makes a difference. “The most tangible way we benefit is when we get to send your transcripts out to the colleges you’re applying to and we’re an accredited American public high school, so that adds a little oomph to your transcript. I think the less tangible benefit is this objective third set of eyes that are coming in to look at what your doing and helps you see things that you might not necessarily see because your bogged down in your day to day activities” (Coyle. 2019) often times the accreditation process is just seen as a verification of sorts and its most crucial benefit is overlooked. It provides constructive criticism. The committee is made up of experienced teachers who know the ins and outs of teaching their subjects. They give advice if a teacher is struggling with a subject or concept.

In many’s opinions, NEASC is a great organization because they don’t measure the quality of school purely of the grades and Average gpas of students in attendance. When the accreditation committee is here evaluating they look to see that teachers can involve students properly. They make sure everyone has an opportunity to do their best and teachers are setting up those opportunities “The accreditation process assures that were all doing our jobs to the best of our ability and you and your peers are receiving an optimal education” said Tritons Mr. Galante who firmly believes in the value of being an accredited high school.