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Competition of the Energy Drinks

Aimee Azevedo, staff writer

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The competition between Powerade and Gatorade has always been a large, world wide competition.

I interviewed my journalism class of 14 out of those 14 students, one student chose Powerade over Gatorade. Junior Paige Zukowski said “Powerade quenches my thirst more so than Gatorade does”.

The students who chose Gatorade would have to disagree with Zukowski. Senior Shannon Lanphear says “Gatorade hydrates me for longer and faster than Powerade does”. She also “prefers the taste” of Gatorade.

Some students like the design of the Gatorade bottles better. Senior Emily Wood’s favorite is the “cool blue flavor with the twisty bottle cap”. Overall the majority of the class chose Gatorade over Powerade due to taste. How well it hydrates you and how the bottle is designed are also important.

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Competition of the Energy Drinks