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Power over Aesthetics

Jacob Alves, Staff Writer

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       For years now, car enthusiasts have had an ongoing rivalry between the Subaru STI and the Mitsubishi Evo about which one makes the better rally car or daily driver. Some may say they like the look and aesthetics of the Evo over the STI, but also can’t say the STI isn’t just as nice as well. But looks of the car don’t matter once it come to the power and stability of the vehicle. So I’ve recorded the specs of each beast, and you tell me which you’d rather spend your money on.

2015 STI                                                                                             2014 EVO

Cost: $34,495                                                                                         $34,995
Engine: 2.5 liter, boxer                                                                         4 cylinder 2.0, 4 cylinder

Horsepower: 305 @ 6,000rpm                                                           291 @ 6,500rpm

Power to weight ratio: 11.1 lbs/ hp                                                      12.1 lbs/ hp

Torque: 290 lb ft @ 4,000rpm                                                            300 lb ft/ 4,000rpm

Transmission: 6 speed                                                                          5 speed or twin clutch sportronic shift           


Weight: 3,267 lbs                                                                                   3,517 lbs

MPG: 19                                                                                                   19

Color Scheme: Blue with gold rims                                                   none
-AWD                                                                                               –AWD
-Electronic center differential, helical                                      – only electronically controlled center and
Limited-slip front, torsen limited-slip rear                                       rear differentials
-Acceptable handling                                                                    –Sharper and better handling
                                                                           Both Rally Tested
-More common                                                                              – Less common
Has a cultural following                                                             – No cultural following

STI Photos by: Austin Beauregard                                                Evo Photo by: Alex Carvajal  

Sources:, “WRX STI vs Lancer EVO X: Which Rallycar belongs in your garage?” by Denis Flieri;, “Subaru STI vs. Mitsubishi Evo vs. VW R32” by Michael Austin


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