Triton High School Dress Code

Triton High School dress code could potentially be sexist and unfair to students.


Triton High School Seniors Paige Volpone and Amanda Ouellette showing the difference between an appropriate outfit and not appropriate outfit. Photo courtesy of Cameren Jolivet

Some men wear abnormally ripped skinny jeans or small tank tops while some women wear too short-shorts or a crop top that’s too small. These are all examples of a dress code violation and could get a student into some trouble.  

Mrs. Kathryn Dawe, Triton High School Vice Principal, is a strong believer in the school dress code and does not think that the school dress code is sexist towards men or women. Dawe said that she loves the idea of uniforms at Triton but “would never happen,” said Dawe.

“You need to allow students to have ‘freedom of expression’ but at the same time a students outfit shouldn’t interfere with or distract them from their school work,” said Dawe. The “freedom of expression” is a form of art for some students, which Dawe has no problem with, but when it starts to interfere with their school work, that is when the dress code should be enforced.  

Many teachers don’t have any control over what is on the school dress code. Most teachers don’t want to yell at students, but if the student is breaking the dress code then they have to do something about it.

“It’s kind of hard to enforce a dress code because its kinda awkward to tell a student ‘hey that’s inappropriate, you can’t wear that,’” Said Olivia Cornell, high school Spanish teacher.  Enforcing the dress code is harder to enforce than to abide by in most teachers eyes.

“It doesn’t bother me about the dress code because of the weather and how it’s constantly changing. Obviously if it’s cold outside then I’m going to wear clothes that cover me up,” said Amanda Ouellette, high school senior. “On the other hand, hot days are usually a struggle to find clothes that I won’t sweat in without showing too much skin.” 

‘New school styles’ are ripped jeans small shirts. For example, if you don’t wear what is ‘in style’ then you aren’t not as cool and if you do wear it then you may get dress coded.

“ I don’t agree with the fact that girls are not able to show shoulders or anything like that its just unbelievably stupid. “ said Vincent Forni Triton High School Senior. Forni agrees with a lot of women as well as some men that it is absolutely uncalled for hat you can get in trouble for expressing yourself . 

Again this is called ‘Freedom of Expression’ where depending on the school, may have different set rules about the dress code. Some schools may have uniforms and some may have very few but they all serve the same purpose which is to make sure students are not distracted by one another while in school. .