2020 Graduation Changes Defeated

Though the 2019 school year has just begun, the senior class officers and faculty already have their minds on the 2020 graduation ceremony.

Triton 2019 Seniors throwing their caps at graduation ready to start their futures

Triton VTV

Triton 2019 Seniors throwing their caps at graduation ready to start their futures

In eight months Triton seniors will be on the football field, in cap and gowns, ready to start their futures. This year, Triton faculty may have some changes in store for the 2020 graduation. Changes like time, date and color have been asked to be altered by the senior class officers and advisors. However, no changes went through, so the Triton Voice investigated why. 

This year Triton staff considered making several changes to the 2020 graduation. One of the newest possible changes is the date and time of graduation. This year’s graduation was set to be on June 6th starting at 10am. Instead, the proposal was for graduation to be held on June 5th and the starting time would be at sunset. Another possible change was the different gown colors. Instead of every student wearing navy blue, the students want to go back to when girls and boys wore different colors.  

The most popularly asked change is the color of the graduation cap and gowns. Wearing navy blue for the cap and gown has been a tradition for the last three years. Before that, the graduating class of 2016, the boys wore navy blue, and the girls wore carolina blue. 

“I miss when the girls wore carolina blue” says senior Sydney Johnson, “the carolina blue gowns go better with the white dresses the girls wear, and overall just looks better than everyone wearing navy blue, I wish this year the colors got changed back.” 

The popular demand was taken into consideration, but despite the faculty’s attempts, the graduating class of 2020 will graduate in navy blue gowns. 

“We brought it up to the principals and superintendent saying that anyone could pick the color they wanted,” says senior class officer Paige Volpone, “but they told us that it was going to be confusing and w

“Having graduation at night sounds like a fun idea””

— Kelly Sharkey

anted to stay in a unified color as a school.”   

The other possible change to graduation was the time and date. In previous years, Triton graduation was held on a Saturday morning. This year, there was a proposal to have the graduation be held on a Friday night during sunset. “Having graduation at night sounds like a fun idea,” says senior Kelly Sharkey. “I feel like having it at night would be better because it won’t be so hot, and the sunset would be pretty over the marsh.” 

Though many students liked the idea of having a sunset graduation, this years graduation will be held in the morning like prior years. This decision was made by the parents of students. In September, an email was sent out to High school student’s parents asking for their vote to have graduation at night or noon. There was also a vote done during the open house that Triton hosts for parents to meet their children’s teachers. During the open house, computers were available right when they walked in, and parents were asked to complete the survey. The overall vote was to keep the tradition going and have the 2020 graduation at 10am.