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McDonald’s Vs. Wendy’s

Which type of chicken nuggets do the students like better?

Erin Drew, Staff Writer

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McDonald’s and Wendy’s are two very popular fast food places around, so I decided to ask some people which type of chicken nugget they prefer.

The cheerleading team seems to think Wendy’s is better with 14 of the team members saying Wendy’s and only 1 team member saying McDonald’s.

“I have heard stories of what could be inside of the McDonald’s chicken,” said a fan of Wendy’s, senior Julia Plummer.

“I don’t like the taste of them, like the outside is just gross and they don’t look appetizing,” said senior Marlee Smith as she was talking about the McDonald’s chicken nuggets.

A classroom of students from a Journalism class had more of a mix with seven students in favor of Wendy’s and six in favor of McDonald’s.

Even though senior Shannon Lanphear voted for Wendy’s she said, “I don’t not like McDonald’s, they just taste fake to me, but I eat them sometimes.”

When asking junior Peter Drew which one he prefers he said “Wendy’s because they taste more like real chicken.”

Being a fan of McDonald’s myself, it was surprising to see how many more students like Wendy’s better. I have never been worried about eating McDonald’s chicken nuggets, but the opinions of different students has made me optimistic about McDonald’s.


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McDonald’s Vs. Wendy’s