Athletes Take Charge of our Community

When people think about community service, they sometimes think about kids that make mistakes.

“I chose community service club for one simple reason. Giving back to my community fills me with a feeling unlike any other. It’s more than happiness and more than satisfaction,” said starting Triton quarterback Kyle Odoy. 

Here at Triton they’re is a community service club run by Jeniffer Scott. She took charge of this club(another teacher ran the club before) to keep kids involved and now it’s taken a huge toll on our community.

Many people are in the club, but you must complete certain things to stay involved, such as sign up for events to get you hours. One of the biggest things is the amount of diversity(variety of people) there is throughout the club. 

Though there are many athletes and nonathletes, it doesn’t affect the way they all give back. Some sign up just to give back and some sign up to be with friends and also enjoy giving back. But why choose to be the advisor of such a diverse club?

I chose to be the Community Service Club adviser because volunteering has always been very important to me and something that I’m passionate about.  I have had so many wonderful experiences doing so during high school and college. I wanted to help our students experience the same rewarding opportunities where they help others, but also learn about themselves and the importance of giving back,” said the leader of the club Jeniffer Scott. 

Scott has provided many kids with opportunities they have never had before and a few athletes really appreciate it 

“I chose to be apart of community service club to give back to the people who helped me when I was younger,” said junior lacrosse player Daniel Groder.

Groder felt that it helps him give back in a direct way and to help not just the older but now the younger as well. 

“I believe it is our personal responsibility to help others, especially those within our community,” said Scott. 

Helping the community is one of the most important things in life. Even though some might find some of it not fun, you could be making someone’s day by doing the smallest of things in the community. Even as small as picking up one piece of trash off the beach.