The New year brings a brand new program to Triton


Thomas Overbaugh

Ms.Karah Briley works at her desk in the newly refurbished LIFT room (Overbaugh photo).

If you sit down with one of the two new, LIFT teachers, Ms. Karrah Briley, you will likely notice right away how smart and knowledgeable she is.  

Briley is the new social worker in the LIFT program, a new program aimed at students who have been out of school due to hospitalization for an extended time.

“The program is a gradual progression taking 8 to 12 weeks long,” said Briely

 LIFT stands for Learning Individualized For Transition. This is Triton’s transition program, is originally from the program BRYT which had been established at Brookline High School and which includes a broad network of 137 other schools enrolling over 140,000 students. This program serves as a support system for students who need help getting back on track after an extended number of absences.

Briley has specific goals for students in the LIFT program.

 “(The program is) not only to get them caught up with only their academics, but my role is to offer support for their coping skills, anxiety, depression, and things like that,” said Briley.

When asked about her background Ms. Briley had said she had attended Hartwick College located an hour west of Albany, New York. During her time there she had attended a travel program in preparation for her career, that allowed her to travel to Thailand as well as the Czech Republic where she worked with families and kids struggling. 

Briley has worked with the massachusetts government with the Department of Children and Families up to working in public schools currently. Briley attended Hartwick College and then moved onto working with Glouchester Elementary, Inpatient Psychiatric with children, and at Georgetown where she attempted to start the LIFT program but was never allowed to which led her to Triton High School. During this process she took a 5 year break for more schooling at the New England Academy to advance her knowledge with children and families. 

Before coming to Triton Ms. Briley had attempted to reach out to Georgetown HighSchool in hope to kickstart a lift program for their school system but they had turned down the offer which made her come to Triton and lead the program Ms.Dawe had been trying to start for 2 years. Although it wasn’t the exact program she was trying to start at Georgetown she got to do basically what she was trying to start at Georgetown.Since we have been trying to find a teacher at Triton to fill the challenging role she stepped up and took the job. She came into Triton ready to go since she had been preparing for this opportunity as well as Triton.