A New Face For Our Newest Vikings


Timmons Photo

Mrs. Sheahan helping a group of her 7th grade Biology students.

Fourteen years ago, Mrs. Jocelyn Sheahan “fell into” teaching. Now, she’s an unfamiliar face in a place very familiar to most Triton High School students. 

Mrs. Sheahan is an optimistic fresh face for science students in the 7-2 hallway. In her first month she has spent a lot of time studying the culture of the school that she can now call home.

“Every school has their own culture and a way that they do things, so I’m just trying to get to know the way that Triton does things and getting acclimated,” said Sheahan, “but so far, it’s been great.”

It was early in the morning, the school day was yet to begin, yet students are already walking into the room to place down their books before class. Mrs. Sheahan gives them a smile and a wave. Mrs. Sheahan has been doing whatever she can to create a welcoming classroom for her students.

“The students have been really great. I think because I’m new and they’re new we’re kind of figuring it out together.” said Mrs. Sheahan.

This year is Mrs. Sheahan’s 13th year teaching. She taught in Salem, Massachusetts for the past ten years, and also previously in Japan. Mr. Patrick Canny commented on how she has been able to transfer her skills to Triton.

“I do think she’s adapting well. She and I have set up regular times to meet so that we are on track with each other and she’s not afraid to reach out and ask questions.” said Mr. Canny, “On top of that she’s always one of the first people in the building each day. I get here around 7, sometimes earlier. I’ve yet to beat her to school.”

Mrs. Sheahan says she is doing her best to help shape newcomers to our community as she does the same herself and prepare them for the challenges that may face them in their High School career.

“I’m really trying to get them acclimated to middle school, so I’m helping them take more ownership over their learning.” said Mrs. Sheahan, “There is a lot more responsibility on the student coming into middle school – it can be a challenging transition for some of them and I’m trying to help them with that.”