The Roller Coasters of Triton 2019


(Triton Student)

Aftermath of the pipe burst in the middle school gym (Triton Student Picture)

Here we are, the end of the 2018-2019 school year at Triton Regional. There has been countless memorable events over the 180 days we’ve been together. Along the great memories, there has been some crazy times we have all experienced together.

One of the first things that comes to mind when you look back on crazy things that happened this year is the fiasco in the gym. Late March, freshman Dylan Watson was enjoying a game of kickball in gym class when a stray ball hit the water pipe on the ceiling causing a massive downpour all over the floor, resulting in the flooding of the whole gym. As you probably remember videos of the incident spread like wildfire and this was all you heard about walking through the halls in between periods. In fact the video started circling around on the internet even making it on well known pages like WTWmass. By the next day  the water was almost completely back to normal and the pipe was repaired shortly after but the jokes and stories would live on in the Triton halls for months to come.

“Everyone at school asked me about it. It all happened so fast, I didn’t even know how to react” said Watson.

The well known “Second Chance Breakfast” that we have all come to love, was one

of the biggest fundamental changes to this school year. Parked around the halls after second period are stands containing  a variety of different breakfast options, they were instantly a hit.

“Second Chance breakfast is one of the only reasons I come to school” said Andrew Maiuri.

Everyday, students rush to the stand as quickly as possible before the line extends down the hallway. It has never failed to satisfy students late morning munchies, until ending abruptly due to the end of the year approaching.  The stands served breakfast sandwiches, snacks, coffee, and almost anything else you could desire.

When the Triton Voice asked where the “Second Chance Breakfast” idea came from, Sharon Bolduc explained.

“It’s science statistics, that teenagers do not wake up, til 9-10:00. Even though you are physically up at 6-7:00, you are not ready to eat. We want you to eat when you are ready to eat”.

Students agree with Bolduc, it’s at a perfect time of day to serve “Second Chance Breakfast”.

“I’m never hungry when I first wake up, or when I get to school. After second period, it’s nice to have something to eat” said junior, Jacob Thissell

“I didn’t expect it to be that popular that fast, so that was amazing.

With only three minutes between second and third period, students are bolting down the halls to get a good spot in line.

“We thought it was going to be hard with only the three minutes, but it turned out to be working out really well, with diversifying the carts, so that we now have four, we can get the students through during that period of time” said Bolduc.


As we all know, the library has drastically changed over the past two years, due to new administrators of the library coming in and out. Back in the day, couches and chairs were spread all around the library, you would see students walking around and talking freely. The library was much less a place of learning and much more a common place for students to relax. It was a time to get away from all your school work and spend time with friends you might not see much within classes. There was still many students finishing work they needed to get done, but you were also allowed freedom to spend your time as wanted.

This year, the library has changed to produce more of a learning commons to help students have a quiet-place to get their work done. This has gained mixed reactions among the students, and has been an ongoing debate throughout this school year.

The Triton Voice interviewed the librarians in the Learning Commons and asked what has changed over this past year.

“Only two changes really, one is that there is no limits to the number of students who can sign in, and the other is that students who have more than one study in a day, sign in just for one period” said Ms.Jones

“The rules that we put in were to help the library be more of an academic, learning space. We also brought in the library track system this year, to sign in, to make it a lot easier” said Karol.


2019 has been full of roller coasters at Triton, I guess you could say it’s been a wild ride.