Students Ice Cream Go-To’s

Students favorite ice creams.


Lindsey Gardella

Summer Desert.

The hot summer weather can easily get settled by enjoying a nice ice cream; however, what kind?

Senior Lindsey Gardella shares, “Mocha chip with chocolate sprinkles from Hodgies is by far the best. Damn now I want some.”

Sophomore Jawzlyn Flanagan agrees with Gardella about the best ice cream coming from Hodgies. However Flanagan shares, “Peanut butter cup is my favorite.”

Aside from ice cream coming from Hodgies, Emily Debenedtictis opposes this and shares that, “the best ice cream in my opinion is mint chocolate chip from White Farms.”

Junior Katie Blouin twists up the simplistic ice cream flavors and shares what her favorite ice cream concoction is. “The best is Dairy Queen,  I get a chocolate blizzard with M&M’s and peanut butter cups.”