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When politics are brought up in conversation many students are lacking in either knowledge or interest in following them.

That is definitely not the case with juniors Andrew Valianti and Tyler Godfrey who are very caught up with and interested in the world of politics. But though they share an interest in politics, they do not share the same views on policy. Valianti is a far left Democrat enamored with democratic socialism; and Godfrey is a Republican.

With them being so informed it’s fair to ask where they get their news. Valianti said,

“Mostly my phone i.e. the news, also from the TV channels.”  And Godfrey said, “On the internet, reading articles and on TV.”

Politics are often overlooked or simply disliked by many; however, they are essential to a functioning democracy. “They form the basis of our world,” said Valianti. One should certainly consider paying more attention to politics “because they dictate how you have to live your life,” said Godfrey.

To those who don’t care about politics, Valianti had this to say: “They impact the world around you. Ignoring them is the definition of idiocracy or ignorance.”

In the world of politics, there is a great difference of views and much debate to be had with neither side necessarily being right nor wrong. Valianti had this to say to Godfrey, “We ought to sit down and have a nice, civil discussion regarding policy.”

While they both disagree with each other, they respect each other’s right to their own opinion. “Andrew can have his own opinion, but he should do some more thinking on it,” said Godfrey.