SAT Time

It’s been a stressful time, as juniors take one of the most important tests of their lives.

As the school year comes to a close several members of the junior class have just recently taken their SAT’s or will soon take them,  and here’s a little bit about how they went.

There has been two test dates so far one held In March and the other in May. This test is to show future colleges how well there applicants take test. It gives some students a chance to make up for a bad high school GPA and gives others the chance to show off their test taking skills. Junior Bridget Tucker gives some feedback on the test, “ I thought it was pretty easy, I just struggled with the long math section with no calculator.” The test is composed of various Math and English sections along with an optional essay at the end. “ It was a pretty long test, i wished they would have relaxed, i do understand how important it was I just think they could have been more calm”, said Tucker. The test period can go anywhere from 8am to 2pm, and have very short breaks in between every few sections. The longest section lasted 65 minutes and the shortest was 20 minutes long.  

The atmosphere alone want generally the problem said Junior, Sophia Mclellan “ It was really quiet, so it was really easy for me  to focus and take the test” “ The proctors were very unorganized and the test took way longer than it should have, I didn’t get out until about 2 when I should have gotten out like an hour earlier.” Several students were able to leave at 1 because they didn’t opt to take the additional essay, but others were stuck in there for a much longer period of time.


Kaylyn Pesaturo, who is also a junior here has yet to take them and has heard a variety of things about them, “many people were under a time crunch”. This seems to be a super common problem considering some people are slow test takers. “ People said they didn’t feel 100 percent prepare, and didn’t remember a lot of the material.” Pesaturo says she has done some preparations and plans to so more, but she feels very “ stressed, nervous, and under alot of pressure”, as the test is coming up very soon.