News 5-22-19

Triton Voice News Briefs

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Triton Voice News Briefs

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Opening up about abortion? Many women feel as if getting an abortion is personal and noone elses business.Some of the reasons were because of rape, incest, abusive relationships, and some are not ready to be mothers. A women named Erica Goldblatt, she was pregnant with her son and her son had a rare condition called  Congenital High airway obstruction syndrome. The doctors told her that her son case was too server, and if the baby didn’t die due to heart failure he would be born brain dead.


Transgender killing? Two transgender people have been killed in Texas and one has been injured. The police that was investigating the crime scene and are suspicious if the crimes were related. One of the women was shot in a vehical and another was stabbed multiple times but, she was found by the police in time and gave the police a statement of the person.