Update: Beantown Sports


It is hard to say that Boston sports fans have not been in the midst of golden era. From a Red Sox and Patriots championship in the last year, to the Bruins and Celtics making noise in the playoffs, the fanbase in Boston must be elated with their teams and is safe to say they are certainly the luckiest fans out there.

The  Patriots had a unreal season where they went 11-5 and were not favored to win the Superbowl, they did what they claim to do best, and that is just find a way to win. They trudged through the playoffs and took a Vince Lombardi Trophy home to New England. And after all that, they have now been recognized as having the best draft out of any team in the NFL. Their choices were supreme with selections such as wide reciever N’Keal Harry, cornerback Joejuan Williams, and running back Damian Harris. As the next season comes along, these players are expected to be able to mold into what Coach Bill Belichick’s ideal player to fit the Pats rotation.

“As a Cowboys fan it’s frustrating, even though we got a great pick in Amari Cooper, the Patriots just keep getting good players, I really hope we crush them this year,” said math teacher Joe Galante, who has been seemingly upset at the Patriots success.  

Also enjoying the ride of success in 2019 is the Boston Bruins. The Bruins have been battling all year long and finished second in the standings as they entered the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Through round one the B’s took it to game seven, the only time they lead the series was in that final game where they closed out Toronto. But the second round was something way different. The Bruins took the series in six games and dominated in their final performance winning the game 3-0 as they blanked the Columbus Blue Jackets. Now the B’s are on their way to the eastern conference finals with the best odds to win the Stanley Cup as they are the best team remaining in the playoffs.

“The Bruins are legit following the Boston trend, just keep on winning. We’re the best sports town out there. The Bruins have the best odds to win the cup and I bet they will, I’m hype,” said senior Justin Dolloff.

The Red Sox however are not so high off their championship banner. They have already began their 2019-2020 season and are struggling to break even in win column. The Sox stand currently at 17-19, 17 wins 19 losses, and through their first 10 games stood at 2-8. Embarrassing for reigning World Champions to say the least. Chris Sale has yet to show that he can pitch the way he did last year, Dustin Pedroia is still on the sidelines and a few other nick-nack injuries have kept players out of the lineup every other game. If this Red Sox team is looking to be on the come up and repeat last year, there is a lot of uncertainty that would need to be cleared out of the air so far for this clubhouse.

Unfortunately, the dark cloud is hovering over a little bit more of Boston now, as the Celtics fell to the Bucks in five games on wednesday of this week. After an up and down season for a team with championship aspirations, the Celtics wheeled the Indiana Pacers in round one. The Bucks v. Celtics series did not go the same way. After blowing out Milwaukee in game one, the Celtics were bullied in four straight games and have dropped the series four games to one and have missed the conference finals for the first time since 2016. The Celtics have now underperformed after over achieving for the last four years, and the off-season will be filled with reevaluation of the current roster and staff. The Celtics future has not been in wonder since 2012, they have had goals ever since then and the future of the Celtics is now uncertain once again.

“The Celtics had a failed year, they underachieved all year and this was the underwhelming performance they produced to end the season. The whole thing was an utter disappointment, I’m glad it’s over,” said senior Shane Hill.

(Courtesy Photo, Kozlowski Photo)