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Triton Voice Interviews Sophomores and Juniors on what they want at their prom next year

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“How is getting dismissed at 1:12 enough time for me to get back at 4:30?” asked Junior Marcella Hubbard-Brucher. On May 10th, she has a very busy day. After getting dismissed at 1:12, she has to make it to her hair appointment at 1:30, get her makeup done at 2:00, put on her dress, get her nails done, and the list just goes on. “

As prom season comes around the corner, with Junior Prom on May 10th and Senior Prom on Tuesday, June 4th, and students are feeling mixed emotions towards it. Students are stressed about getting appointments on time, some are dreading not having a date, others are indifferent to prom as a whole, and then there are those who are elated. Triton Voice asked numbers of the student body, if there was one thing you’d want at your prom, what would it be?

“So, I’d want Chinese food, the typical pasta and salad and pizza is getting pretty old,” says sophomore Andrew Babine. “I just feel like everyone’s bored of the same thing, year after year. I wish there were better venue options.”

This year, Junior Prom is to be held at the Ipswich Country Club, and Senior Prom is to be held at the Danversport Yacht Club. Both proms begin at 6:00, with Grand March being at 4:30, and both proms end at 10:30.

One popular request is to switch up the age-old traditions at prom, such as what food they serve or the music that’s played.

“I also think pasta and salad is getting boring,” says junior Naomi Bell. Though our school probably doesn’t have it within the budget to hire a celebrity chef, Bell still dares to dream. “I think they should get Gordon Ramsay to cater our prom.”

“I’d like a mariachi band at prom,” says sophomore Kam Sicard. “You know, just to culture Triton up a little bit.”

All jokes aside, there are many requests about the music. Many make the argument that just because there’s a Top 40 Globally, it’s not the same Top 40 in Triton High.

“I wish they’d have more variety in music,” says Junior Bailey Gardella. “From what I hear, it’s all rap music. Don’t get me wrong, I know most people listen to that but I wouldn’t mind hearing some Taylor Swift.”

To the readers who want to make requests, Wasif Shawman is the MC for junior prom, so if one has a request they can redirect it to him.

The requests and wishes go beyond just what goes on at prom itself, but rather during the school day and how one can buy tickets at prom, or even how the prom tables work.

“If you skip school for appointments or whatever, and you can’t go, that’s dumb,” says junior Chloe Hynes.

Connor Kohan
Tritons junior prom tickets of 2019

“I agree,” says junior Natalie Wooldridge. “Like I already paid, shut up.”

In order to go to prom, students have to be in school either from start to 1:12, or 8:40-ending time.

“I’m not even going to prom, but stress is contagious, and I’ve gotten it from all my friends who are,” says sophomore Nora Marks. “I just want people to relax and not have so much anxiety. Prom tickets should be on sale for cheaper, but they should also sell them for longer than 2 weeks, and not a whole month and a half before prom. I’m a big procrastinator.”

How can one remain calm during all this hecticness? “I get a haircut when I’m stressed,” said teacher Patrick Sheehan. “Maybe do something productive around prom time to take your mind off all the other anxieties.”

Since prom tickets were on sale, some students have switched around their dates frequently and some were left without tickets because of this. Some couples intending on going together have even broken up since then.

“I think they should expand the seat limit of 8 to 10 for junior prom, then 10 to 12 for senior prom,” adds Babine. “I feel like that’s such a small limit, and it promotes exclusion.”

For those who have requests about next year’s prom, be sure to take it up with the Student Council or administration. For those without, have a happy and safe prom season.

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