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Are there famous students within Triton?


Screenshot of Meaghan Riccio's prom photo that got 836 likes

Kayla Perley & Erin Gershuny, Staff Writer

Young people all around the world have many different hobbies they enjoy, some being producing content for the world to view. Oddly enough, these hobbies can be turned into a career if the hard work and dedication is put in.

When asked, junior Anthony Ostrander believes that he too could personally become famous if he tried hard enough.

“I think if anyone really put in the work to go viral, yeah it could happen. Anyone could if they spent the time to try to make videos that his or her followers like to see,” said Ostrander.

According to the Urban Dictionary, “going viral,” is when an image, video, or link that spreads rapidly through a population by being frequently shared by a number of individuals. Certain qualities are needed to be able to go viral. Your personality and the way you produce your video or post, has to have many things that needs to be included to be liked by your viewers.

“People that go viral are entertainers, you have to be different than everybody else and have a video that everybody wants to see,” says Ostrander.

Some students within Triton might have a chance of going viral or becoming famous.

“There are definitely a select few kids that really want to have a lot of instagram followers or views on their snapchat stories,” says junior Abbie Magee.

This hobby can sometimes be turned into a profession. Sometimes you have to be lucky and  hope people come back to watch you after one viral video. It doesn’t always happen like that so luck and posting at the right time always plays a big role.

When asked how realistic this job could be as a real world occupation, Magee says, “I mean it can be possible. Someone can make one youtube video and have it go viral and become a billionaire like easy. For example, Danny Duncan went viral off of one video and now he’s famous.”

Danny Duncan started his youtube channel in the year 2014. He began to vlog and record pranks he would play on his friends. He also started to be featured in other youtubers videos, which helped him become well known. After gaining over 1 million followers Danny Duncan now sells merchandise, gets sponsored from big companies and receives revenue from youtube. According to NaiBuzz, Danny Duncan’s net worth is $1 million. The income of the average human is $40,000, working 40 hours a week.

Similar to Danny Duncan, Jayce Mojica became viral from a flipagram post he created when the song despacito, by Luis Fonsi, was popular. This video was a parody he created, making-fun of the trending song. From this viral post, he got a paid trip to a convention in california to be a host for a show. He decided not to take upon the offer due to the fact that school was still in session.

“When despacito was a meme, that made me go viral, because i was making fun of a really popular song. It’s really just a matter of chance and luck. So basically just do trendy things, and you’ll become famous.

Some students around Triton are in high hopes of becoming social media famous, for example junior Julia boyle has wanted to become an influencer for a long time.

“Youtube has been such an inspiration to me since 5th grade. I started watching hair and makeup tutorials. I started to be less inspired by the videos and started to be more inspired by the actual people behind the camera. Ever since, I have always wanted to follow this in order to start a career.”

Senior Aliyah Frasca who has had a lot of views and likes on some of her social media posts, doesn’t think that social media status is important.

“I think it’s something some people crave, but not something that should be chased or craved by society. In the future, I feel like it’s going to become less important because everyone is going to have more followers and as more people gain more followers, new social platforms are created.”