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“It was the greatest movie I have ever seen. I was literally so electric throughout the whole movie” said junior Ethan Tremblay after seeing the final Avengers movie “End game”. the film was released last Thursday, and it was one of the most anticipated movie releases in history. Since it’s release, it has grossed $2,485,499,739
worldwide and could be on track to break the box office record, currently held by the movie, “Avatar”.

The movie picks up where the last Avengers movie, “Infinity War”,  left off, when super villain, Thanos, defeated the Avengers and wiped out half of all life in the universe. With most of the Avengers out of the equation, it seemed that they had been defeated, but they devise a plan to save everyone and make right where they failed in the past.

From there, this epic three hour adventure unfolds with endless thrills, heartbreak, and shocking surprises. Avid fan and Triton student, Joe Delmonico, who saw “End Game” on it’s opening day, was thrilled after he saw this movie.

“Definitely the best Marvel movie I’ve ever seen, hands down”,said Delmonico.

The Triton Voice met with more Marvel movie fans from the Triton community, to get their take on this box-office breaking film.

“Growing up as a Marvel fan, I became attached to these heroes, idolizing them in my everyday life. Now that I’ve seen End Game, I find it hard to let go of the people I held close. I kept crying through that whole movie. It ended well though and it’s the best movie I have ever seen”, said senior Jayce Mojica.

“I am a total nerd, and I have been watching Marvel movies since I was little, so when I saw the trailer for End Game, pretty much the first day it came out, I have been dying to see it. But I am also kind of mad at the fact that I’ve seen so many spoilers by accident, and I wish I saw it sooner to the release date”, said junior Ava Ford.

From start to finish this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you wishing it would never end.