College Board Scandal’s

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In the past week alone the U.S has arrested over fifty victims of college admissions fraud, who worked to get their kids in top schools.

Some of these students didn’t get the grades, nor did they work hard enough in school to be accepted into these colleges. This is leaving students who worked as hard as they could  and still got denied acceptance, furious. The faces of this scandal include famous actress Lori loughlin, former Full House and Hallmark movie star,  and her daughters Bella (20) and Olivia (19). As well Felicity Huffman and her daughters Sofia (18) and Georgia (16).

Loughlin allegedly spent about $500,000 to get her two daughters accepted to the  University of Southern California. According to both of Loughlin’s daughters were “…recruits for the USC crew team despite the fact that neither participated in the sport”. Loughlin’s partnership with Hallmark has recently been taken away as has as her youngest daughter Olivia’s partnership with Sephora, a popular makeup holder company. Olivia also has a famous Youtube channel that currently has almost 2 million subscribers. Olivia has had many moments on her channel where she has stated that she “doesn’t care about school”. She was a below average student who didn’t care or try and supposedly rarely attended classes in high school. She was also found to have never played any sport in high school and was recruited for the women’s rowing team at USC. stated,  “ Loughlin communicated with William ‘Rick’ Singer, a college admissions consultant based in Newport Beach, California. Singer promised to secure admission to USC for their daughters as recruits for the university’s crew team.” On March 13th 2019, Loughlin plead guilty and was released on bail with a bond of over a million dollars and her trial will be held this may, were she will most likely serve some serious jail time, as well as the expulsion of her daughters at USC.

It is completely ridiculous that people who have a large amount of money think its ok to use it to their advantage and buy their way into things. These families are getting what they deserve. The kids that work so hard to get into these schools and still get rejected are now finally finding out the truth. You can’t just buy your way into happiness. Eventually you will have to learn the hard way and do things for yourself. These families are going to face some serious punishments for the damage they have caused.This should be a wakeup call for colleges to ensure they are looking more in depth to the students they are accepting. They should begin giving those who were rejected a second chance to attend the school. They need to put an end to this, and begin to earn people’s trust back. It goes to show bad things will happen to you if you lie. One way or another, it will come back and hurt you in the long run.