Prom Styles Over the Years

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Playing dress-up as a little girl was always one of my favorite hobbies. Going into my mom’s closet and throwing on all of her clothes, heels and jewelry was definitely always on my daily agenda. This influenced me into having a strong love for clothes. Once I found out there was such a thing as prom, is when I began my obsession.

For many years it has been my dream to go to prom. From friends and family members, I always knew what was in style during the prom seasons over many years. I would look up images of prom dresses and hair styles so I knew exactly what I wanted when the time came. My aunt is a hairdresser and I would even go to her salon during this time and help the girls pick out what hairstyle I thought was best. From different experiences throughout my childhood I can confidently say prom styles have had a major change over the years.

Students always know what prom dresses and up-dos are in style. In the early 2000’s prom dresses were very elegant. Very simple dresses were in season. To dress it up a bit, they would wear beautiful jewelry that accentuated the dress nicely. Hairstyles consisted of very high curly buns. In later years, short dresses with jewels were very common. Jeweled bodices covered in rhinestones then puffing out from the waist just above the knee. Many students went for the ballerina ‘look.’ These dresses came with simple hairstyles commonly long hair curled and down.

Not too long ago, long flowing chiffon dresses were the current fad. Similar to the ballerina look there would be an embroidered top, with a strapless sweetheart neckline. Vibrant colors from bright yellow, coral, teal and royal blue were very popular. Hairstyles commonly consisted of curly high buns, and maybe an accent braid.  Now prom styles are similarly related to the early 2000’s. Very form-fitting elegant gowns with an open back and possibly jewels or some embroidery are back in style. Hairstyles range from naturally down with a braid, high straight ponytails or a low curled bun.

The fabrics of dresses drastically changed as well as the style. Most commonly in the 2000’s was satin. This is a very thick fabric type which is hard to move in. With the short dresses they tightly covered the bodice and flowed out for a much more scandalous freely feel. Then the dresses started to get longer in popularity for a more sophisticated elegant look.

The material chiffon for both short and long dresses is generally tight but is more easier to move in compared to the satin. Hairstyles can vary but, they used to get done at salons. Curled high buns were always a common style and now most people don’t even go to a salon anymore. It has changed a lot and now most just wear their hair naturally down or an easy at home hair-do.

Overall, this is not about whether your sense of style is good or bad. This just is what styles have been most popular over several generations. Some people still like the taste of styles from previous years but the majority of people have adapted to new types of dresses and others just follow along with the trend.

Over the years prom styles have changed dramatically. People used to love looking like princesses and now it looks like we are about to walk the red carpet. Styles now are very simple and elegant which have changed for the better in my opinion. But, anyone can pull off any style if they are confident and happy with themselves.