Bathrooms Back


Callewaert photo

The bathroom in the library has been shut down for over a month.

Two of the three boys bathrooms have been closed in Triton for the majority of the school year, only leaving one restroom  for the boys to use daily.

“The damages have not been repaired yet, they are working on them. The boys bathroom in the library is now open,” Theresa Karol, librarian, said last week.

Certain members of the student body have vandalized and destroyed the boy’s bathrooms over the past months, resulting in the closing of two out of the three boys restrooms throughout the school.

The boys restroom in the library is now open again, giving students who spend their class or study in the library, a place to use the bathroom. However, depending on where you are in the school, the bathroom could be quite a ways away from a classroom, making students resort to using faculty bathrooms. “It gets me out of class longer” junior Chris LaPorte said.

Considering there are a limited number of bathrooms for boys to use, students have started using the staff bathrooms. Throughout the school day, the bathrooms available to the boys are hectic, with everyone trying to cram in going to the bathroom before the next class period starts. Karol, was asked how she felt about students using the staff bathroom.

“Frustrated. Frustrated would be a perfect use for that. We (staff) have a limited number of time, even more so than the students, to use the bathroom.”

Certain students feel differently about the bathrooms being closed. Triton junior Chris LaPorte explained his perspective on this matter. “What is the point of reopening them if the same student body is in this school and they’re just going to ruin it again,” making a very valid point. He shows the downside to reopening the boys bathrooms, stating that the same people could potentially ruin them again.

Some students have a different viewpoint on reopening the bathrooms. Some are angry they aren’t opened.

“ I just want to use the bottom bathroom. I hate having to take the trip to go up to the english hallway to go to the bathroom from the other side of the school or the library.” Jeremy Duford

Students such as  Andrew Valianti and Jack Sullivan agree with Dufords statement. Saying they hate having to make the trip to the english hallway, and saying how they despise the fact that there’s only one bathroom available to them.

Senior Alex Michals spoke on this matter, “ It’s very inconvenient having a downstairs class and having to go all the way upstairs to use the bathroom, and so half the time it forces me to use the private (staff) bathrooms.”

According to the front office, 50.1 percent of Triton students are boys, and boys only having one accessible bathroom can’t accommodate more than half the triton population. For the majority of the student population, only having access to three stalls and nine urinals, going to the bathroom can be complicated.

“ It’s absurd when I go to the bathroom in between periods. It’s (the stalls) always packed because everyone’s trying to use the bathroom, and there’s no other ones to go to.” says Triton Junior Andrew Maiuri.

The bathrooms were closed for a reason; they were damaged by the male student body. But does it take this long to fix a few stall doors and pipes? After months of the bathrooms being closed, one finally has reopened. The damages have been repaired, and now maintenance is working on fixing the other bathrooms according to Karol.

“There was damage done to the boys bathroom so they closed where there were damages,” says Karol

With the library bathroom being open again, hopefully this is a start to re-obtaining the use of every bathroom in the school. With more than half the population of Triton being male, the reopening all bathrooms after maintenance repairs them, will be greatly appreciated among the student body and faculty members.