News Briefs for 1/31/19

Topics include Venezuelan presidential controversy, record-breaking low temps. befall Midwest, and Dems. stay strong on border wall

Triton Voice News Briefs

Image by Triton Voice Staff

Triton Voice News Briefs

Tensions have risen in Venezuela over the past week after opposition leader Juan Guaido appointed himself the new President of the nation. This was in response to the elected President, Nicolas Maduro, being deemed unfit for the position, spurring the congressman to take action. Troubles soon emerged however. Though Guaido has the support of the people as well as the global community, Maduro still has full control of the government and in turn the military. The idea that Maduro would take action to eliminate Guaido from contention became all too real as police have reportedly been seen following Guaido and just today, ambushed his daughter, threatening her in the process. All of this has raised the question, is civil war inevitable for Venezuela? If yes, which countries will have to step in to aid Guaido in his fight against Maduro?


Temperatures as low as -70 degrees below zero have rattled the Midwest to its core, with cities like Chicago and Minneapolis being all but shut down amid the polar freeze. The cold is due to a polar vortex, and is said to have brought “the coldest air in a generation”. Eleven people have died and hundreds of frostbite victims have been checked into hospitals across the region. Though temperatures will continue to be well below zero for the next 24 hours, strangely, temperatures will leap back up 50 degrees over the weekend, putting an end to what has been one of the coldest weeks in over 100 years.


Democrats have started the negotiation with the White House regarding the building of the wall in exchange for the termination of the longest government shutdown in US History by offering up the lofty sum of $0. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has stood strong on her belief that the government can reopen without caving in to President Trump and granting him the money for his border wall. Her actions will likely cause the government to shut down by the deadline of February 15th if another solution is not reached.