The Netflix Lifestyle

Students and staff gave their input about their favorite Netflix shows and sources inform Triton Voice what's next for the streaming service.

Junior Erin Power watches Netflix on her phone at least once daily.


Junior Erin Power watches Netflix on her phone at least once daily.

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“For a while it was ‘Big Mouth,’” says math teacher Mr. Joseph Galante when asked which shows were most famous in his opinion in 2018. “ ‘Making a Murderer’ was pretty popular. There’s always the popular ones like ‘The Office’, ‘Parks and Recreation’,  and ‘Friends’. People just watch those shows with no end.”

The generation of students going through Triton High School have grown up with one of the most frequently used TV show and movie streaming services, Netflix.  These shows easily become the subject of conversation amongst not only students, but staff as well.

Netflix watching has become exceedingly popular in the past 10 years. According to the Recode article “Netflix Now Has Nearly 118 Million Streaming Subscribers Globally,” in 2018, the number of Netflix subscribers has increased 11 percent internationally, and the“subscriber numbers surpassed domestic for the first time last year.” This means that the number of subscribers in the United States increased greatly.

As more and more people begin to subscribe to Netflix, the shows people are commonly adding to their queue cannot go without being discussed. Triton Voice not only found that a lot of people like the same shows, but also found that there are specific ways people like to watch these shows.

“I usually watch Netflix at home if I’m doing math homework because you can do two things at once when you’re doing math homework…and I do sometimes binge my favorite shows.” says junior Marcella Hubbard-Brucher, describing her Netflix watching style.

“For a show to be binge-worthy it definitely has to be addicting,” adds junior Laney Towle. “I think good shows either have cliffhangers or are just very funny, and that’s what makes people watch them. For example, “Big Mouth” and “The Office” are funny, but “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Black Mirror” are suspenseful and thrilling. They are all popular and well known for different reasons.”

As 2018 comes to a close, new seasons of subscribers favorite shows are being rumored to have release dates in 2019. According to the Digital Spy  article, “Here’s when-or if- your favorite Netflix shows are coming back,” “13 Reasons Why” was renewed for season three, as well as “Stranger Things,”Black Mirror” was renewed for season five, and “Orange is the New Black” was renewed for season seven, all of which are being released at an uncertain but upcoming date in 2019.

If one likes shows such as ¨Riverdale¨ or ¨Stranger Things,¨ new shows such as ¨The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina¨ or ¨The Innocents¨ might be appealing. These both meet the characteristics of a good, binge-worthy show. Considering the growth statistics of Netflix in the past 10 years, one can only imagine the number of new shows coming in the near future. As long as Netflix keeps supplying the world with incredible content, its subscribers will not be going anywhere. It is safe to say that Netflix can only go up from here.