Teens and Trending Fashion

Luxury fashion is an epidemic for millennials.


Kelley Frithsen

Versace at North Shore Mall

Lydia Crowley, Staff Writer

Nowadays teens in high school are looking to go into the fashion industry as a serious career, but how many of them will actually survive in such a competitive field? Specific fashion brands this day in age are booming such as Supreme, Bape, Vetements, Off White, and Gucci. These brands are reeling in teens to buy their clothing for outrageous prices such as $150 for a T-shirt with a “Supreme” logo plastered on the front of it or a pair sneakers from Gucci that cost $980.

Teens who get into buying clothing from these brands essentially get the idea that they can create a brand too and slap a logo on a shirt and make it cost $100 as well as re-selling these costly articles of clothing for even more money. Savannah Nolan a senior looking to go into fashion marketing say’s;

“People should spend their money on whatever makes them happy and if they are able to afford that kinda stuff, that’s awesome. But for people like myself who can’t go and blow $100 on a supreme sweatshirt, then I think there’s still other ways to have a unique and cool style without blowing hundreds of dollars on a couple articles of clothing.”

But there are also teens who are not about the hype items of the fashion world and take the fashion industry quite seriously. They typically keep in mind the important aspects of the fashion world and know what they’re getting themselves into. Savannah say’s;

“The key things to know about going into the fashion industry is that it is critical, and it’s something you shouldn’t go into it unless it’s something you’re really passionate about. But if it is something you’re passionate about you should definitely pursue it and live your dreams.”