The Ancient Astrology Debate

The popular controversy on whether horoscopes are real carries on through Triton High School staff and students.


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Images of Astrology's signs

Bridget Tucker and Kaylyn Pesaturo

When asked of the study of astrology, senior Jonathan Reilly says “I think it’s dumb to be honest. Like I don’t know why people like it.” He adds that he finds the practice entertaining and he does read his horoscope, but he takes everything with ‘a grain of salt.’ To him and many people, astrology is a waste of time. “I think I’m a Leo, but I don’t really know what that means.”

Whether you use it as a way to predict your future, your compatibility with others, or just for a cure to boredom, it is undeniable that astrology and zodiac signs are one of the more significant things in our pop culture. However, whether or not they mean anything, that’s where the debate comes in. Is astrology a true scientific study or is it merely an entertainment source?

Triton Voice decided to interview some students and staff who have strong views on Astrology.

“It’s interesting, I find that it’s really interesting that there are traits depending on when you were born” says librarian Theresa Karol, as she puts books back on the shelves. “I don’t know how much I completely believe in it but I find that it works for me. I am a Capricorn and I have seen that Capricorns are stubborn, which I am definitely stubborn.”

Junior Sophia Dixon has a more positive view though. “So, it seems like the kind of thing that should not be real, but I strongly believe in it.” “I believe in it, I think it’s very accurate but I don’t understand why, and it’s so unscientific I feel silly believing in it.”
Everyone has their opinions on Zodiac and Astrology, but not many people know the facts. “Your sun sign is your spirit, is your consciousness,” says the YouTuber channel Cut and astrologer Ray Couture. “…and so the quality and the type of consciousness changes as the Earth goes around the sun.” Astrology is made of many beliefs that astronomical phenomena and where the planets are in the sky when you’re born were meant to be in the sky at that moment. When you are born, wherever certain planets or stars are in the sky all are in that exact place for a reason; you. Everything in existence is planned and laid out before you’re even born.

Without further ado, here are the horoscopes for Halloween.


Halloween HORROR-scopes

Aries ♈ – There is a relationship in your life that needs more of your intensity, Aries. This is your time to complete tasks and make important decisions. Watch patiently as your confidence level boosts and start making only necessary changes to your life.
Taurus ♉- There is some conflict in your life that needs to be dealt with. Tauruses are typically the least confrontational signs, as they abhor unnecessary drama. So keep in mind if you keep looking, there is a peaceful way out of said problem. Just look at all possible options.
Gemini ♊- Your life may have felt unfulfilling or boring lately, and that’s because the other side of your sign is needing a change. Geminis love action, so maybe pick up a new hobby or make some new friends.
Cancer ♋ – Lately, you have had to become more responsible of your own feelings, Cancer. Try to avoid blaming others for how you feel. This month if you work hard, you will be sure to get a lot done.                                                                                                                                                     
Leo ♌ – With the month of water sign Scorpio occurring, and the Leo’s naturally fiery demeanor, you might have been feeling over-tired and stressed. Be sure to take a couple ‘me’ days this month, you deserve it for all your hard work.
Virgo ♍–  Be careful not to focus on little details, focus on the big picture. You will miss out on something beautiful if you are not careful. Look out for good advice from people who matter to you. Remember communication is key. With communication, you can make good relationships, whether they are romantic ones or not.
Libra ♎ – This month, you will find that you are more energized. Put this unexpected power to great use. As the Scorpio season approaches, you will find that the people around you are very willing to support you and your dreams.

Scorpio ♏ – This is a great time to be focused and determined about something. Don’t give up on your passion, Scorpio. You have a lot of support coming your way. Just be careful to not let your common trait of jealousy take over you.
Sagittarius ♐– This month, it will be easier for you to communicate things that are occurring in your life. If you feel unsure of something or feel like you need clarity or advice, be sure to ask those you trust. Also, romantic opportunities are chasing you, but be aware that this does not mean that conflict is out of the question.
Capricorn ♑ -You may feel uncomfortable this month due to a sudden change in your direction. You normally have a good idea of what you want, where you want to go, how you want to do it. But this month you feel a bit unsure. Evaluate your relationships with those around you, set boundaries and expectations. In return, people will tell you their expectations. New opportunities to speak up and change for the better are approaching.
Aquarius ♒ – A new mission is on your mind, Aquarius. Think of expressing yourself a little bit more and get rid of whatever is in your way. Your social life will thrive this month more than usual.
Pisces ♓ – Your creative side is showing, Pisces. It is time to discover yourself, the real you. Be sure that you quickly terminate anything getting in the way of you doing so. Whatever you lose, you will gain something better and more valuable.