Two Types of Instruction

Nathan Picard, Staff Writer

In a room full of students each with their unique personalities and responsibilities, Mr. James Mical is responsible for one of them for the entire school day.

However, for Mical the end of the school day is just the first half of his day.

Mical is a new one-on-one aide here at Triton High School as well as a Triton graduate. However, this isn’t his first time filling such a position or his only job here at Triton. Mical was an aide in the middle school for two and a half years before moving up to the high school where he had the opportunity to continue working with the student he was working with in the middle school. The student is “an absolute treat” said Mical.

“I happen to really enjoy being an aide and helping some of these kids.” Mical said.

Mical isn’t just responsible for the student who he assists throughout the day as Mical is also a coach for the Triton baseball and football teams, currently working with coach Ryan McCarthy while also having worked with former coach Pat Sheehan. Mical was described as a player during his time at triton by Sheehan while not the best player always playing with a lot of heart and giving his all. Mical also played in both baseball and football during his time here at Triton as a student when he played for these same coaches. He started playing both of these sports at the age of 5.

When asked what the hardest part about being both a one-on-one aide and sports coach was, his response wasn’t that the work itself was too difficult but that the time commitment involved with his work was intense.

“I’m at Triton for 12 hours days I mean there’s obviously other people who do that same exact thing but I mean it’s a mental grind to be at the same place for 12 hours.” Mical said, “Besides that I really do enjoy working here it’s just a constant commitment to the same place as, it becomes a lot.“

Breaks for Mical throughout his day being few and far between. Mical is with his student for nearly the entire day, each day. Mical worked with this student when he was in the middle school making this time commitment familiar for Mical.

Mical has been described by Mrs. Cheryl Caracciolo as both caring and empathetic, these traits are essential for a one-on-one aide. Mical has also been described as a coach by Sheehan as organized, meticulous and loyal. He explains the questions asked in such a way as to help guide his student to understanding what a question is asking, while also encouraging his student to complete the problems himself. Mical started being an aide in the middle school because of a need to find something else to do in the school district that would work with his schedule as a coach.

Mical is going to be continuing to work as an aide for several more years with plans to eventually become a physical education teacher. This job fits with his love for sports. While continuing to do work as a one-on-one on a year to year basis.