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Final Goodbyes

Math teacher Wilson retires

Aliyah Frasca, Staff Writer

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Triton Middle School is saying farewell to Mr.Mark Wilson, a long long time math teacher.

After saying tough goodbyes to the graduated class of 2018, there are only days left until finals and students are out for the summer! But as the end of the year comes closer and closer so does some other tough goodbyes. Mr. Wilson, middle school math teacher, is retiring after 20 years of teaching.

Triton Voice sat down with Mr.Wilson to get his plan for the future, his favorite memories from teaching at Triton, and his advice for future teachers. ( Interview has been edited for content)

TV: How are you feeling about your retirement?

Wilson: I’m very excited.

TV: What are you going to do with all your new-found free time?

Wilson: Whatever I want. I’m planning on spending time with the wife, the kids and the grandkids. I’m moving to Nashua, New Hampshire and I’m excited. It’s the first time I don’t have to be anywhere.

TV: What are you going to miss most about Triton?

Wilson: The kids. Only. All the teachers I was really friends with retired so it is my time.

TV: What was your favorite part about teaching?

Wilson: To see a kid who actually gets it or to see a kid get over their math phobia or to see a kid come in thinking they can’t do it and leave having a good understanding of the curriculum.

TV: What are you going to miss least about Triton?

Wilson: Professional development, because it was mainly an imposition on me and all about what administration wants.

TV: What is your least favorite part about teaching?

Wilson: The way the government imposes their control on what needs to be taught and how I was never reviewed by a real math teacher, only by people from private industries.

TV: What would be your advice to incoming teachers?

Wilson: Well, honestly, I feel bad for new teachers who have a hard time exploring fun things because they are too busy covering curriculum. I would say for advice  not to get too bogged down by all the demands from things that don’t have to do with teaching. The part with the kids is very rewarding so go into it with open eyes. If you don’t like getting bogged down with IEP meetings or with parents that think their kids are perfect, then I would think harder on being a teacher.

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Final Goodbyes