The Best School Day Ever???

Students speak on what would make an ideal school day

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The Best School Day Ever???

Jonathan Reilly, Staff Writer

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Sophomore Sophia Mailhiot declared that she wanted to receive cupcakes at the start of each period.

“I want cupcakes before all of my classes,” said Mailhoit. “I honestly need the motivation especially towards the end of the school year.”

School can be looked at by students as a chore they need to deal with. Many students advocate for changes to be made to school rules and policies such as being able to wear hats or being able to leave during a last period study. Unfortunately for those students, these policies have yet to be changed in their favor. When interviewed about what would make a perfect day at Triton, The Triton Voice received different answers.

Mailhiot talked about how her perfect day at Triton would go.

“I feel like it would start out with really sunny weather,” said Mailhoit. “It would also be a half day. My first period I would be able to nap after having my cupcake. I pretty much would like to have napping periods after eating cupcakes instead of doing work. I would get three cupcakes of my choice for three periods and then I would be able to go home.”

Junior Isaiah Webber talked about wanting to wear hats without being called out by administration.

“I stopped wearing hats after seeing so many people getting there’s taken away,” said Webber. “I want to walk to first period and get complimented on what hat I’m wearing instead of getting told to take it off. I feel like hats are able to get people hyped up for sports or whatever. I think that would be really fun for a day.”

He also talked about wanting to buy soft drinks and candy at lunch.

“I think the cafeteria should offer some sodas,” said Webber. “I know personally that I need the sugar to power me through a day here.”    

Junior Michael Mann spoke about his desire to purchase snacks from the vending machines all day.

“I really don’t care about having to do work in school,” said Mann. “But I feel like if they (Administration) expect me to do all of this work my junior year, then they should have the courtesy of letting me fuel up with snacks throughout the day. I still don’t know why they were taken away.”

When informed that there is a vending machine in the cafeteria, Mann appeared agitated.

“I know that there’s been one in cafeteria, but I think it’s out of order now,” said Mann. “It would be more convenient to just have them in all of the usual places, like the library or by the gym. I think if I were able to get snacks from them during a day here, it would be my favorite day at Triton.”     

Triton High School keeps changing and evolving every passing year. Some students have more opportunities and privileges than other students do the next year. While there is no telling what privileges will be given or taken away from students for the next couple of years, some of them still remain hopeful that their dreams of a perfect day at Triton will come true.

“(Laughs) I mean, if Triton were a perfect high school then I would get all the ice cream I want,” said Mailhoit. “But I know that’s definitely not realistic. Maybe some things will change by the time I’m a senior.”