Plugged In

Does technology make us more alone?

Caitlyn Chaisson, Staff Writer

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Technology is a big part of students lives in and out of school. Researchers at Bucknell University say that technology does make us more separated and socially awkward. They say we as “millennials” are becoming more comfortable with the idea of being alone, yet staying connected 24/7. Technology negatively influences social interaction, makes our community socially awkward and causes our people to embellish online to be someone they are not.

The majority of students can agree that they are addicted to technology.

Triton juniors Bridget Sheehan and Maddie Fecteau have different views on this topic. While Sheehan seems to think technology brings us together, Fecteau thinks it’s pushing us apart.

“I think it can keep us connected to the people that we couldn’t connect to otherwise,” stated Sheehan. On the contrary, Fecteau states, “I think that technology has definitely affected people’s social skills like talking to people face to face.”

During the media fast that the English classes took part in, students found it hard to stay off of their phones.

“I really struggled to stay off technology, as soon as I looked at my phone it was game over,” says Maddie Fecteau.

Technology has been transformed into something you turn to when you’re bored. Juniors Jennifer Calkins and Onica Mooney also reported to the Triton Voice that they struggled staying off technology during and after the school day.

Another thing they can agree on is the over usage of technology.

“This generation 100%  overuses technology,” said junior Connor Beevers

“It is obvious that this generation overuses technology,” adds junior Shane Hill.