Scavenger hunt

Isabella Kreticos, Erica lops

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Scavenger Hunt

May the best viking win

Do you know where Atlantis is? Have you heard of the secret pool? If so, then this is a perfect challenge for you. The Triton voice is putting students to the test with a scavenger hunt, and yes there is a prize! So all those little walks and “bathroom breaks” may finally pay off.

Rules: There will be seven things ranging from paintings, rooms, posters, or objects, chosen from around the school. Your objective is to use the clues given and find those seven things. Be sure to take pictures of the seven things for proof you found them. Once you find the seven things, you will have to come and show the pictures you took to juniors, Isabella Kreticos and Erica Lops, to win. But, you must be fast because there will be only ONE winner, and that is whoever finds the seven things fastest!

Prize: Feature in the newspaper as the winner, a pack of gum and a pack of candy of your choosing!


  1. Go where the man is holding balloons,

If you win, you’ll feel like you’re floating over the moon.


  1. Where the elevator has stairs leading  into outer space

If you want to escape, close your eyes, and imagine your favorite place


  1. Go to the hall, where inside the walls; there are showcases.

Look for the sea creature that has five legs.  


  1. Hold a slithering friend,                                                           

And bring your fears to an end.                                                     


  1. Where water is not allowed,

so the mammal swims above the crowd.


  1. Where many can be seated to relax and be calm,

By the way, have you gone to see Zombie Prom?


  1.  Find the biggest “T” of all,

where Vikings play in the spring and fall.