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With all the movies coming out at least we didn’t have to wait long for this one! Deadpool 2 came out on May 18, 2018, featuring Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool as he did in the first one.

Deadpool 2 is one of the hottest movies of the starting of the summer season. The first one was a hit and now here’s the second one.  

When the movie opens Deadpool is introducing the movie as a “family” movie saying that all family movies always wind up having the bad guy dead. Then the movie fast forwards to the bad guy. Colossus, then shows up and tries to give Deadpool a chance at being better and introduces him as a X-man trainee, along with Colossus, Yukio, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

The team then is introduced to “Firefist” a kid that has the mutant ability to put out fire from his body. Firefist is in a muntant reablitation center that is torturing him and other mutants, and when Deadpool gets involved trying to “play by the rule,” he then realises why the kid is having this outburst and shoots one of the guys who was hurting the kid in the head. They are then transported to the “icebox” where their mutant abilities are disabled.

The second movie carries on the story line after of the first movie. The second one starts out with a little humor just like first first one. During the end credits, there is  a phase that links other movies such as Green Lantern and Wolverine to his, like “just cleaning up the timeline.”

Triton Voice asked a couple kids who saw it at Triton what they thought of it, here’s was they had to say.

When it came to their favorite scene Philip Lauritzen and Jayce Mojica both agreed on the same scene. Saying the best part was “When he (Deadpool) finally got colas to swear.”  This was not only a heart breaking moment when you think it’s all over but, a funny one.

The funniest in their opinions on the other hand were different. Lauritzen  said “ when he (Deadpool) has his baby legs;” while Mojica said “when cable punched deadpool in the face.”

Critics from rotten tomato rated Deadpool 2 a 8.2/10. Students at Triton had other views. Lauritzen said “ a solid 9.5/10 and wouldn’t recommend it to up tight people but others yeah.” Mojica said “11/10 and he would absolutely recommend it to anyone that curious about seeing it”

Compared to the last one that we all loved Mojica said “the only way you can really compare it is to Deadpool himself with his humor. (In the second one what they did best) they kept the humor going, the first one was funny and they kept the same characters and just added to the story line.”

The real question is 10 out of 10 would you see it again, and that definitely was a yes, if you give it time of course.

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Deadpool 2