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Senior privileges

Will next year's seniors be the first class to lose homecoming?

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Because of past behavior the juniors may not be able to participate in some homecoming events next year, their senior year.
Due to poor behavior last homecoming, the junior class lost the privilege to decorate the their bleachers and participate in the skits during homecoming. If the junior class is respectful and well-behaved from now until next year the juniors can, however, earn back the right to participate in homecoming and hopefully end high school homecomings with a win.
Stacey Beaulieu, who helps advise homecoming each year and is in charge of the outcomes of our homecoming gave an update of where we are standing as a class as of now.
“As of right now you guys can participate in everything at homecoming but will get a zero for the skit and decorations. At events like prom you guys were good but at things like assemblies you all need to hold each other accountable as a class. I know you all say it’s just one kid, but that one student is bringing the whole group down with them. In order to get back the right to participate in homecoming, at all events until then you guys need to act like a respectful class,” says Beaulieu.
Class officers who are in charge of homecoming and the events that take place during it, give are giving advice and input about homecoming and ways to earn back the right to part take in it.
“The junior class has to first prove itself responsible of having the right to participate in homecoming next year. We can do this by being respectful at things like sporting events, assemblies, classes, field trips and just in general,” says Spiros Markopoulos.
Another class adviser, Olivia Valley, said the junior class can gain back the rights to decorate the bleachers and do a skit.
“In order to earn back our privileges of decorating the bleachers and performing a skit, as well as maintain other homecoming and senior week privileges I think our class needs to continue to show the responsibility and respect that we have continually progressed towards throughout the school year,” says Valley. “I think prom went well, and I’m very proud of us for that. I think that we, as a class, are on the right path for getting our privileges back and having a great senior year.”

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Senior privileges