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Hawaiian volcanoes

Tom Powis, Staff Writer

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Recently, Halemaumau, a massive volcano in Hawaiian on its biggest island has started to spew off lava and is in danger of erupting.  The lava seeping from the volcano is moving very slowly but is doing massive damage to whatever comes in its path.

Hawaii’s n the past have been famous for being slightly active, slowly releasing lava that would build on the island and slowly increase its size, but never having the risk of erupting.  The last eruption from Halemaumau was in 1974, killing one person, and then in the 1780’s which killed 80. However, this time scientist are ready and once they saw signs of possible eruption they prepared.

Scientists, park rangers, and government officials all started spreading the word that locals had to move if they were in range of the lava slowly moving down the volcano, and be ready to evacuate in case the volcano erupted.  If people were caught in the blast, ash and high heat alone would cause severe damage and most likely lead to deaths.

The volcano ended up erupting on May 17th and it produced tons of ash.  As a countermeasure the State of Hawaii handed out around 18,000 gas masks in order to protect the citizens from breathing in the harmful ash which could cause lots of damage to the human respiratory system.

Thanks to the diligent work of the government and other staff positioned in Hawaii the eruption did cause any casualties.  However, all is not well in Hawaii the eruption and lava flow has caused high structural damage and many locals had to be evacuated and have nowhere to live currently.


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Hawaiian volcanoes