Senior Class Bucket List

Wishlist for the class of 2019

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Senior Class Bucket List

Gabrielle Lowry and Lindsey Gardella

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Bringing your dog to school day, a good senior prank, and a class trip to Six Flags is just a few from the crazy list made by the class of 2019.

Senior year is closely arriving and the goal is to make it as memorable as possible. The Triton Voice asked the current junior class what they would put on their wish list for their senior year.


Franklin Cohen Bring back the old library
Lynn Wideberg Don’t pay for parking
Amy Clark Go to Six Flags for senior week
Devin Parsons Class trip to Skyzone
Ashlyn Smith Bring your dog to school day
Peter Drew Snacks available in cafe for 3rd period
Juliana Orlandi Be able to leave during the day
Savannah Nolan A good senior prank
Ben Fougere Senior privileges
Caitlyn Chaisson Get homecoming back
Noah Trudel Class trip to the beach
Jack Tummino Bring back the vending machines
Bella Kreticos More freedom during class
Colleen McCarthy Do class activities
Sammy Rennick Wear hats during school
Maggie Tardiff Senior privileges
Kathryn Eaton Have a field day
Justina Donoghue Senior sign out sheet for leaving


Erin Drew Bring back senior lounge
Gracie Burnim Paint my parking spot
Mike Armand Senior first pick for parking and lockers
Bridget Sheehan Bring back light blue graduation gowns
Caitie Rooney Bring back senior assassin
Leandra Drouin Being able to leave for lunch / study
Tom Powis Make honor roll
Sarah Gilbert Comfy chairs back in the library
Audrey Caron Good venue for prom
Maddie Fecteau NHS lounge available to all seniors
Dylan Waters Slushy machines in lunch again