The Trouble with Summer….

Too hot, too many bugs, and sunburns! Why summer stinks.

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The Trouble with Summer….

Sandals, Flip flops and more

Sandals, Flip flops and more

Sandals, Flip flops and more

Sandals, Flip flops and more

Rachel Lees and Owen Heffernan, Staff Writers

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Most people love summer, but the truth is it can be a miserable time for some. It is unusually hot for New Englanders and they are simply not prepared. When people think about New England they think that the worst part is winter, but in fact, many think it could be the summer. The following list is some of Triton Voice’s least favorite parts of summer:

Too HOT!

  • Getting branded by your seat belt
  • Getting in your car in a hot day feeling like you can’t take another breath
  • Legs sticking to your seat, or worse becoming slippery from sweat
  • Melting ice cream the gets all over your hands
  • Not being able to bundle up and stay warm
  • Always feeling sticky
  • Unable to balance being too hot under the covers and being vulnerable to home invaders.
  • Chocolate melting in your car, and leaving behind a residue
  • Humidity
  • Frizzy hair
  • You can’t have hot drinks
  • Cold soups
  • If your style is layers, you have nothing to wear
  • Leather couches, forget it. Try to free yourself from their hot, sticky clutches


Beach BUMS:

  • Sand everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE
  • The misleading sense of fashion, being too hot or revealing too much
  • Sand in your car, no matter how often you vacuum it’s still there
  • Sunburns the make you walk funny for a week or make it impossible to turn your head more than 10 degrees
  • Sunglasses tan lines, and just looking like a raccoon
  • Tan lines in general always conflicting with your outfit, looking like a white tank top
  • Sunscreen in your eyes
  • TOO MANY instagram pictures on the beach
  • The “I LOVE SUMMER” people
  • Too many underclassman out and about
  • Traffic, people are always out because everyday is a weekend
  • Have to pretend to like fresh fruit all the time
  • Feet are always barefoot
  • Chafing


Too Buggy:

  • Green heads
  • Lady bugs invading your house like the allies on the beaches of France
  • Mosquitos making you itch all over
  • Bug spray
  • Bees, hearing the buzz behind your ear, and needing to run for your life
  • Hornets

Too much WORK:

  • Summer school work such as reading Great Expectations
  • When you are doing yard work in extreme heat, and it is so hot on your back that you could fry an egg on it.
  • Working all the time, whenever you are not working, it rains


Student’s View:

After discussing summer likes and a dislikes with fellow Tritonians, it was decided that some of the most annoying parts of summer are as follows:


“The worst part of summer is by far when sand gets in your food”, said Senior Julia Cordeau

“The worst part about summer is when you are hot and you are sticking to your sheets, and you aren’t able to sleep. Also, when you sweat through your shirt or have to wear socks. Another bad part about summer is when you first get in your car. When you hear crickets when you are trying to go to bed. When you go to a cookout and they overcook the burgers. SAND”, said Senior Tommy Lapham

“No fish.”, said Seniors Travis Madden and Liam Gay-Killeen

“I think the worst part of summer is when all of your friends are working, or when no one is around to hangout for a week straight”, said Senior Erika Siemasko

“Summer job because you have to work when it’s nice out”, said Senior Donna Ross

“When you don’t see the same friends from school”, said Senior Ben Hall