Artificial Celebrities

Emily Wood, Staff writer

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Lil Miquela’s post on her Instagram page

Their names are Lil Miquela, Bermuda, and Blasko. They were generated by a company called Brud. This company is part of the CGI; Computer Generated Image. They turn celebrities into a virtual commodity; focusing on the unreality of entertainment by creating an unreal celebrity.

The 3 famous computerized models post on Instagram like any other normal person, they seem to have feelings, and they walk around and do the things humans do, but their appearances make it apparent they are simply fake.

Lil Miquela is the most popular out of the three. She posted on her Instagram account on April 25th, admitting to her one million followers that she is indeed not a human.

“I’m a robot. It doesn’t sound right. I feel human. I cry and I laugh and I dream. The truth is I was built by a man named Daniel Cain and I am only what they designed me to be,” Miguela said.

She continued on, sharing her sorrow about the matter, “I don’t know if I love music. I don’t know if I love my friends. Are these feelings me or are they just programming?”

Although Miquela told the truth about not being a real human being, she didn’t come clean about being computer generated.

Senior Julia Cordeau, believes Lil Miquela is lying to her followers about her true self so she can gain more popularity throughout the world.

“I think her manufacturer is running her Instagram account and her image. They are making her into someone who is interesting so she has more fans and supporters: that way, her company will get more money as long as she keeps up her fame,” Cordeau explains.

There are already a number of startups working on commercial applications for what they call “digital” or “virtual” humans. Some, like the New Zealand-based Soul Machines, are focusing on using these virtual humans for customer service applications. The basic purpose of computer generated icons is to make a perfect looking human being and use them to earn money.

“It kind of scares me to think accounts that are based on CGI can do so much. Miquela, Bermuda and Blasko all act like an average person on social media but yet, they are actually just designed on a computer screen,” Junior Justina Donahue says.

For Donohue, this scandal shows how advance and futuristic the world is becoming.