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Airport Security

Vasilios Karamitsios, Staff Writer

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Airport security is an important screening to ensure the safety of flying. But is our security service as strong as it could be? Often times the security lines in airports can take up to an hour leaving many people curious to why they do not have every security line open or why they don’t hire more security guards. This delay can cause passengers to miss their flights leading into rage. Therefore a change in airport security could ultimately reduce the stress of an airport as well as improve efficiency.

The common procedure for security at an airport begins with a check-in line. People must have their ID or passport ready to show to the TSA worker. This line is a necessity to ensure each passenger is eligible and safe for travelling. However the wait for this process can sometimes take up to an hour. This could be resolved by adding more workers and expanding the check-in line. After showing a form of identification, passengers must take off their shoes and empty their pockets as well as take out any electronics or liquids that may be in their bags. There are usually around four security X-Ray lines open resulting in a “human traffic-jam” during the airport rush hours. The TSA could also improve the efficiency of this by opening up the security lines that are usually idle.

Diane Bismarck, Flight attendant for Delta Airlines explains here experiences with airport security, “As a flight attendant we go through a special line called TSA precheck. This line is usually faster and will take anywhere from five to thirty minutes depending on how busy the airport is. The biggest issue I have with our security system is the complaints we get from passengers. Many passengers will ask for refunds or demand to be put to the front of the security line so they do not miss their flight. I believe we need a new system that prevents these common issues from occurring.”

How does the airport security of the United States of America compare to other countries?

George Lolas dual citizen of USA and Greece said, “I was flying into Athens last weekend and I noticed that there were more security lines here then I remembered. The security was strong and quick.”

Even in small countries such as Greece, the security appears more efficient. If they are able to have a faster security procedure by adding more employees than the TSA should be able to be improved in a similar manner. This would add more jobs to citizens bettering the whole community.

Rubin Manvi senior at Swampscott High School, explains his pilgrimages to Jerusalem and how the Israeli airport security differs from the USA, “In Israel the security agents have discussions with each passenger as if they are having a normal conversation. They do this because they are trained to identify a threat based on how the communicate and answer certain personal questions. When I am travelling in the United States however, I never find myself being questioned.”

Should the TSA begin asking more questions? The security system needs a revamp considering the tensions that are occuring in the world, such as mass immigration and a constant fear of terrorism. Will the TSA become more efficient?

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Airport Security