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Flu Season

Audrey Caron and Meri Fullford, Staff Writers

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Flu Season

With so many people getting sick, here are some ways to try to prevent it!


“I knew I had the flu when I woke up feeling achy. Then I started throwing up, having migraines, and a stuffy nose. I think I got sick just from germs spreading around the school and sharing things like drinks. Washing your hands and not touching your mouth, eyes and nose are easy ways I could have prevented getting sick and definitely wish I had done,” says Anthony Particelli.

Particelli is not the only student feeling this way, many students as well are experiencing similar symptoms and having to leave school in order to prevent it from spreading.

Getting the flu shot is highly recommended in times like these. With so many people getting the flu, as well as viruses and colds going around, it’s important to steer clear and stay sanitary so you don’t get it yourself.

In environments like school, public places, sporting events and after school activities it’s extremely easy to get sick especially when not taking the right procussions to prevent it. Simple things like getting the flu shot and washing your hands frequently are small but effective ways to do so.

“The number one way to prevent any sickness is always hand washing. Covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze and making sure other people keep their distance is also important. But washing your hands is a priority, making sure you get lots of rest, taking good care of yourself and taking Vitamin C is a big part of being able to repel the virus,” says school nurse, Mary Goldsmith.

We all spend most of our time at the same place, school, so with the number of germs coming in and out it’s always easy to get sick while being there.

“We deployed many hand sanitizing stations throughout the building and clean surfaces that are contacted frequently by students and staff. National Facility Services do our contract cleaning here at Triton and they’re helping us out with cleaning the door knobs, railings, things like that,” says Chris Walsh, Director of Facilities.

Despite all these techniques to stop spreading illnesses, many people still come down with the flu during this time.

“The number of students I’ve seen everyday has gone up dramatically and most of them have either cold or flu-like symptoms, any student that I think is sick enough, I’ll send home. Students that have a fever or seem to be very contagious are usually sent home. I think I’ve sent between 8-10 of the 50 students I see a day home,” says Goldsmith.

A lot of students here at Triton have expressed worry about the spread of illnesses recently. Especially Senior Katie Macdonald. She has taken all precautions to make sure she doesn’t catch the flu or cold.

“I wash my hands before I eat lunch, and I try to stay away from other students who are sick. I always bring my hand sanitizer to school and try to use it regularly, especially after touching a chromebook or door handle,” says Macdonald.

She also showed concern about the school and how they keep germs from spreading. This has been a major issue in schools all over since flu season has begun.

“I think it’s hard for the school to keep germs from spreading. I feel like all they can really do is work hard at thoroughly cleaning surfaces all students touch and making sure students that are sick go home and rest,” says Macdonald.

Aside from students and staff worrying about sickness spreading, parents are also getting worried for their kids. A lot of parent’s will keep their children home when not feeling good, which decreases the risk of germs being spread. Some symptoms of the flu and cold that parents look for, according to the CDC, include fever, aches, chills and the usual sore throat and cough. Deb Fullford, a mother of two students at Triton, expressed her worry of sickness harming her kids.

“I try to make them go to school when they don’t have a fever, but seeing them sick just makes me feel so bad. I worry about them giving another kid their cold or virus, I’d hate to make their parents feel how I feel when I see my child sick.”

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Flu Season