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Sock Tuck Trend

Katie MacDonald, Staff Writer

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At Triton Regional High School there are many different types of trends; one fashion trend in particular that was made popular by the boys at Triton is the “sock tuck” better known now as the “back tuck.”
The sock tuck is just what it sounds like, it is when you tuck the end of the sweatpants into the top of the socks completely. This look was created for style but is also functional, as it keeps the bottom of the sweatpants from dragging on the floor and getting dirty.

Since the trend was introduced at Triton, the style has gravitated from a full tuck into a back tuck which is only tucking the back of the sweatpants into the top of your socks. This transition occurred because some say it looks much cleaner.
Sources say that the trend started at Triton High School on the wrestling team, brought into the school by The Durkin brothers.
Alumni John Falasca said “The trend first started my freshman year from the wrestling team. I noticed a friend of mine on the team, Jake Durkin, wearing the style first, and a few other kids started copying the trend which is when I started wearing the style myself.”
Current wrestler and Sophomore Anthony Ostrander backed up that the Durkin brothers started the trend, and said “A lot of the wrestlers wear this trend, but I think it was really Jared and Jake Durkin who started it and brought it to popularity.”

During an interview with Jared Durkin, he confirmed that it was him and his brother who brought the trend into the school and Durkin said “It was a common style at the school I was previously at, and when my brother and I transfered to Triton the style quickly caught on with the wrestling team and then spread to the rest of the school.”

Falasca agreed with this statement and said “The sock tuck has been a thing in the wrestling community for years now, I saw it at many wrestling meets, but I saw it for the first time at Triton when Jake Durkin started wearing the style.”
The trend is not only for style but is also functional amd has an important purpose for wrestlers which is why it is so popular among the wrestling community. Sophomore Anthony Ostrander said “Tucking your sweatpants is common amongst all wrestlers because it keeps in the heat which is important when cutting weight” this functionality is what is believed to have started the trend for wrestlers in the first place.
All three wrestlers, Durkin, Falasca, and Ostrander have very good strong opinions of the back tuck and believe everyone, both girl, and guy should give the style a try.

Durkin said the style is “very smooth and on the come up”, Ostrander agreed with this and said “Every time I wear sweatpants I use the tuck method, I think it looks sharper and more put together.”, Falasca backed up both statements and said “The tuck, if done my way, is extremely stylish as well as practical as it keeps the pant leg from dragging on the ground.” The way Falasca believes is the proper way to tuck your sweatpants is to “1. Fold the sock, 2. Put index finger in back of sock, 3. Tuck sweatpant leg into sock carefully using the ring and middle fingers, and 4. Adjust the sock fold, and you’re done.”

Although the trend is very popular amongst the boys at Triton, when a few girls at Triton were asked , they had very different views.
Sophomore Kaelyn Scalley does not like the trend and was almost making fun of the trend by saying “ the “full tuck” is 100% unstylish, and the back tuck is 50% unstylish.”
Senior Mackenzie Silverstein had a similar opinion and said “Personally, I never really notice when guys do tuck their sweatpants vs. when they don’t, but I think the style looks a little funny.”
The style has remained popular at Triton for a few years now and has been big in the wrestling community for quite some time. With the style seen on underclassman in not only the sophomore grade, but also the freshman grade, it seems like the style will last a little longer in the halls of Triton High School. (Full tuck – bottom, Back tuck – top)

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