The Future of Phones In school

What are teachers and students opinions on smart phones in school?

The Future of Phones In school

Austin Mooney, Staff Writer

Smartphones have really only been around for the past fifteen years the first iphone was introduced on January 9, 2007 created by Apple. and students and teachers have very different opinions about phone use in school.Today seventy three percent of teenagers have access to a smartphone so should smartphones be used in schools?

Richard Fisher is one of the finance teachers at Triton Regional High School he is also on a school committee which discusses the phone policy in school. Mr. Fisher says he often finds students off task with a phone in their hand, but has said these devices have a huge impact on our learning in school and whether they will be allowed is partly up to the students. “I would like to see students wanting to use their phones to learn in school,” said Fisher.  Still Mr. Fisher isn’t fully convinced on either side of the debate. In Mr. Fisher’s class, students use their phones productively to look up information in class until the trust is broken. In other classrooms around the school students have to put their phones in a box before class.


Tim Coyle is one of the history teachers at Triton, and has a firm belief about phones “They don’t belong here, people went to school forever without a phone” said Mr. Coyle who is concerned about the impact smartphones have on teenagers,“Psychologically a student should not be asking google everything.” Mr. Coyle is under no illusion that smartphones make you smart. “ kids who need to be paying attention in class are the ones on their phones.” Smartphones have ruined a generation.


Emily Greenberg on the other hand is a senior at Triton who thinks phones are obviously not productive for most teenagers. “ I don’t think phones should be banned from school” people will just sneak them in like vapes. “we need phones to look up stuff faster.” There are great arguments on both sides. A smartphone can be used for productivity and there is no reason to take a phone away from someone productive, but will we see the day where phones are banned from school remains the question.