Games of The Week

By: David Durante

Leap On!

Leap On is a fun game is perfect to occupy the mind and keep hands doing something. The game is played with the controlled character as a white ball with eyes and it is rotating around a hole that if hit it will cause death. Press down on the screen to rotate and move specifically to try to hit other white balls that make it jump farther and farther from the center.

The goal is to get the farthest possible from the center, beat the last best goal, and survive as long as possible.

The statistics inside the application keep track of the last highscore, the last farthest leap, and more information that will keep track of the game. This game is perfect because it will help distract the mind and create focus to the rotating game, Leap On is fun and great for any occasion. Download it now and Leap On!

Go Plane

This is one of my personal favorite games right now. The game is about a plane trying to get away from missiles. But the fun part is, is is that the controlled character is the plane and is  controlled easily with finger movement, hold a finger down and the plane follows the finger.

The goal is to dodge these beaming missiles and make them trail into each other. This game can be tough because the missiles follow the plane and there are black missiles which move faster and are much harder to avoid.

The longer the plane can stay alive the better, every missile that blows up or hits another one is 2 points. The plane is awesome to whip around and curve out of tight scenarios where the plane almost is hit by a missile. The points rack up fast so do not be underestimated, my high score currently is 3091, so if anyone feels they can beat me, download ¨Go Plane¨ now.