Tech News Of The Week

Thomas Powis, Thomas Powis

Today for our tech tip of the week we are going to go over some important events in technology that recently occurred such as, a self aware robot and a new Amazon feature that allows them to enter your house..  

The first major thing in technology news this week is Saudi Arabia which has become the first country ever to grant a robot citizenship.-  The robot was first revealed at London’s future investment initiative.  It showed signs of great intelligence and was self aware, answering questions asked by the press.  This robot was also highly controversial since it has more rights than most women in Saudi Arabia which many find deeply upsetting.  

The second news feed we will be looking at was Amazon’s push to implement Amazon Key.  Twelve years ago Amazon implemented Prime, a method that allowed for new things in the shipping world such as one-day shipping.  Continuing Amazon’s tradition of innovation they are working on the Amazon Key, a way for them to put your delivery inside your  Basically the way the technology works is Amazon adds a camera connected to your wifi in your house and when allowed, it opens the door and safely secures the package inside.  

Another interesting topic in new technology news is about a well known technology figure, Elon Musk, the founder of Spacex and Tesla, a popular electric car company, recently fired hundreds of  Musk fired these employees from Tesla due to what he claims are performance issues.  He claims the fired members weren’t working hard enough and the company would look for new employees elsewhere.  This will certainly be an interesting topic to follow due to the fact Elon Musk tends to be a very controversial figure.

Our last topic for the week is that new news on the Wannacry Attack has resurfaced.  As many may remember a few months back, a virus hit the Internet, targeting Windows 7 computers and encrypted the computers data so the owner couldn’t use it till he payed a fee of money.-  This attack although it did  a lot of damage has since been thwarted but a new story has surface that many recommendations could’ve stopped the attack earlier but they were ignored.

That is all the hot tech news for this week make sure to follow up on some of them to see if any develop to affect you or someone you know.